3 Steps To Your Summer Body

So your New Year’s resolution (‘this year I’m going to get fit’) may have fallen by the wayside but that doesn’t mean you can’t get your body summer-ready! There’s still plenty of time to jump on the fitness bandwagon and get the bikini body you desire.

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Personal Trainer Tyrone Jensen shares his top five tips for getting fit before the year is over.

Firstly, it’s all about being realistic.

“Small changes will lead to larger results,” Tyrone says.

“One to two changes per week is best and over four weeks you have changed eight things you are not happy with.

“Remember a strong healthy lifestyle is that, a lifestyle.

“Treat your New Year’s resolutions like a marathon race not a sprint to the finish line,” he says.

Secondly, get your family behind you.

“Tell as many people as you can that this is what you want to do.

“I find people who have a support network around them have more chance of reaching their goals.”

Don’t think you can do it alone (despite the support of family and friends)? Get professional help. Calling on an expert can give you the extra push you need to reach your goals.

“We all like to think we can do things alone, but the truth is we only get half way there,” he said.

“The best way to make sure you succeed in your New Year’s resolution is to invest your time and money in someone that is going to give you the correct information.

“You will want someone to keep pushing you forward with information you wouldn’t think to learn by yourself.”

After seeking expert advice, continue educating yourself through health and fitness websites and blogs and liking Facebook pages that give out useful health tips.

“Over the years I have found that a person educated in health and fitness is going to be more likely to achieve their goals,” Tyrone says.

Stay up to date with industry information and look out for trainers and experts that practice what they preach.

Lastly, stay positive.

“Don’t get down on yourself, if things don’t happen straight away,” Tyrone says.

“Every night write down the positive things that you’ve changed in your lifestyle on that particular day, even if it is something small like saying no to a cigarette, reducing your soft drink consumption or choosing to go for a walk along the beach instead of watching TV.

“It will set your mind on a positive outlook for the next day and keep you motivated, ensuring you stay on your journey for a better, healthier you.”



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