5 Ways To Eat Your Way to Better Skin

You don’t have to eat expensive, rare ingredients to improve your skin, nutritionist, Zoe Bingley-Pullin has found 5 readily available foods that can improve your complexion. She also reveals whether organic food is really better for us.

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The best 5 foods for clear skin:

1.  Hydration is a superb way to keep your skin looking supple and youthful. Your body requires 2.5L of liquid per day.

Make sure you are NOT consuming these liquids through coffee, tea, soft drinks, sports drinks or alcohol as all of these liquids dehydrate the body.

Top tip: keep a 2L bottle of filtered water on your desk or the kitchen bench to make sure you drink the correct amount.

2. Foods that contain vitamin C, such as citrus fruit, kiwi fruit, capsicum, blackcurrants, broccoli, parsley, pineapple, raw cabbage, strawberries and rose hip, help the skin by increasing collagen in the skin and therefore the integrity of the skin.

3. Make sure your diet contain beneficial fats such as the Essential Fatty acids found in fish, avocado, nuts and seeds (raw and unsalted of course), extra virgin olive oil or flaxseed oil. These healthy oils improve the visual appearance of your skin and keep it looking supple.

4. The humble cucumber helps improve the complexion of your skin due to its high silicon content. Try adding cucumber to your juice, or make it into a cucumber, mint and yoghurt dip.

5. Up your zinc levels.

Dry and red skin is thought to be a consequence of zinc deficiency. Zinc is fantastic for the skin as it helps stimulate collagen formation. Add sunflowers seeds and pumpkin seeds, whole grains, oysters, beef, ginger or milk into your diet and you will see the difference in your skin.

More good food to have in your cupboard:

1. Agave nectar or syrup is made from a cactus and is a healthy alternative to sugar or honey. It has a very sweet taste and is less processed then conventional sweeteners, and because of its high sweetness you use less.

2. Organic miso soup is made from soybeans and is a lower sodium alternative to use in stir-fries, soups or sauces. Miso soups also contain a huge amount of beneficial antioxidants, which helps to quench free radical damage in the body.

3. Apple cider vinegar is an excellent alternative to the standard vinegars. The added benefit is it is also wonderfully stimulating for the digestive system as it helps increase the production of Hydrochloric Acid.

Is organic actually better for us?

There are strong debates on whether organic food really is better for you, but for what I can see there is no argument, organic really is better for your health.

Organic foods are grown and stored without the use of any fertilisers or pesticides. They contain no preservatives, colourings, artificial additives, flavourings or hydrogenated fats.

You may be asking ‘how does this affect you’, all of the above additives if over consumed collect in the body’s fatty tissues and can cause health issues.

Remember that organic farming is the smart way to keep farming sustainable for the future. It helps improve overall soil quality, keeps pollutants out of the land, helps air and waterways, and encourages wildlife and bush areas to grow. Sometime the biggest differences are the one you can’t see!

Good skin is a commitment. The right ingredients, from food to skincare ingredients and specific lifestyle choices are essential to upgrade your skin no matter what your concern and what your skin currently looks like.


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