Interpreting Grey Interiors: The New Modern Base

For decades grey interiors have received a bad rap for its seemingly uninspiring and sombre presence when used in the home, reminiscent of concrete and submarines. I’m thrilled to report these days are well and truly over, and that grey is experiencing an exciting revival in homes around Australia. Taubmanns Brand Ambassador and Creative Director, Selling Houses Australia Presenter, and The Block judge Shaynna Blaze shares how the emergence of the ‘new modern greys’; crisp greys characterised by a slight hint of blue, purple or green, that make them the perfect fresh and neutral base.

In the true colour spectrum, grey is known as a shade rather than a colour, as it is mixed from varying values of pure black and white.  Different combinations of black and white, as well as the other colours they are paired with, will affect the overall outcome and feel of a space, whether crisp, neutral, fresh, warm, cool, or relaxed.

In the past, the trend has been for neutrals mixed with a yellow-based white to give a warm and soft effect. This type of base goes well with dark rich timbers in chocolate and latte hues, which has been the popular furniture style for the past 10 years. However, Aussies have become tired of this heavy look, which is difficult to combine with bold colours, and are looking for something fresh. This has paved the way for the new modern greys to take centre stage as the ‘new neutrals’, which create a welcoming and fresh atmosphere and work well with whites and strong neon or gelato contrast colours.

So, how can you use the new modern greys in your home? I’ll let you in on some of my top tips for understanding how to combine grey with accents to create a look that suits your style, in any room of your home.

Grey with black for a modern vibe

Black is a strong statement so compliment it with a grey that has strong percentage of white to give it impact. Add pure white in accessories and furnishings to introduce some softness to the strong scheme. Layering the look with texture in fabrics and patterns will contribute more softness, creating a balanced and modern room.

Snow Goose HR

Walls: Taubmans Endure Interior in Snow Goose 

Grey with contrast colour for a clean and colourful style

Strong contrasts of red and orange work really well with dark grey, and this is one of my favourite combinations. The combination works because they have a similar depth in tone and sit well together with an even value in intensity. Accessories like cushions and artwork in these hues will pop against a dark grey backdrop, and this will tie together all the elements in the room for a clean and punchy vibe.


Cyberpunk HR

Walls: Taubmans Endure Interior in Cyber Punk 

Working with existing neutrals for an eclectic feel

You can still experiment with the new modern greys if you are working with an existing neutral scheme with a beige base. I recommend using greys that are warmer so they don’t make the off white look too yellow.  Limit the amount of pure white, as using too much will make the interior seem stark rather than crisp. Introduce natural elements like natural timber to give an earthy element, to contribute to the relaxed look over the space.

Antique Silver HRWalls: Taubmans Endure Interior in Antique Silver 


feature image via pinterest

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