Guest Bedroom Makeover

Cassandra Turner

Interior Designer

Welcoming a guest into your home to stay is a generous gesture that speaks volumes about who you are. So too, does the space you offer them. Offering your guests a considered, private and luxurious space will never go unnoticed but cramming them into a cluttered “spare” room is something they will always remember.

It’s not necessary to spend endlessly on a guest room, however, spending in the right areas and putting some time, thought and love into the space will ensure that your guests remember their stay for all the right reasons.

When thinking about a guest room or space, design it with the same care you would your own bedroom. Take the time make it feel welcoming and integrated with the rest of the home by complimenting the style you have throughout. Decide on a colour scheme and overall style before you start. This makes purchasing or pulling items together much easier and ensures a considered end result.

Here are my tips to take your guest bedroom into the luxe category and to make your guest feel not only welcome, but truly wanted.


Firstly, consider the room itself. Is it clean, private and well ventilated? Ensure any windows operate so your guest can get fresh air and be sure to provide window treatments that offer appropriate privacy. Remove any unnecessary clutter, including any personal items of yours. Ensure there is no dust or mould hiding in corners or wardrobes. If the room needs heating or cooling, it’s a lovely touch to have a small heater or fan available.


Even though it might not get continual use, buy the best bed you can afford. Nothing ruins a stay like an uncomfortable sleep. Likewise, buy the best bed linen you can afford; good linen makes everything feel better at the end of a long day. Ensure you have matching sets and keep a spare set in the room just in case of accidents, they do happen. Likewise, ensure pillows are clean and supportive. To really amp up the luxe feel, offer more than one type, after all nothing says luxury like a bed piled with pillows.

Consider the season and have appropriately weighted blankets or duvets. Always provide a spare blanket or throw so your guests can make themselves comfortable without having to leave the room.


AOB_Cultiver_bedlinen (1)

Bathroom Items

If your guest room has an ensuite, perfect. Take the same care with the ensuite as you do with the room and don’t forget to stock it with items like toilet paper, tissues, soap, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, a spare toothbrush and a glass for rinsing. Include a hairdryer if you can. Even if there is no ensuite, you can still offer these items to your guest leaving them in a pack or tray in the room. Consider allergies and if necessary offer items that are hypoallergenic.

Be sure to provide good quality towels and facecloths (2 per person).


Bath Towel_zuster_cittadesign (1)

Clothes Storage

Ensure your guest has somewhere to put their clothes. Both hanging space and drawer space is ideal. Provide a mix of coat hangers including shirt, pants and skirt hangers.  Place additional hooks on the back of the bedroom door for coats and handbag storage. An iron and small foldaway ironing board (Ikea have great ones) will allow your guest to get ready in privacy.


Furniture and Accessories

Don’t clutter the room, include only necessary items, but make it feel warm. Ideally, include a comfortable chair – it will serve many purposes. If you have the space, a desk or dressing area is a gorgeous touch. If your guest bedroom is multi-purpose and sometimes acts as a home office, clear the desk of your items so your guest can use this as themselves.

A folding luggage rack is great for suitcases and can be stored easily when not in use. Allocating your guest a full-length mirror in their room is a must. No one wants to traipse through someone else’s house checking how he or she looks. A simple mirror on the inside of a wardrobe door will suffice, otherwise a floor standing mirror can be a feature in itself.


UrbanCouture table

Personal Items

Not many people travel with their own dressing gown. But how gorgeous would it be to have one provided, especially if the stay is a long one. Amp it up with a set of slippers. Make sure they are clean!

A clean water jug and a drinking glass, along with a bowl for personal items that are removed overnight such as jewellery and watches will make your guest feel completely pampered.



Ensure there is decent lighting in the room including adequate bedside lighting to enable your guests to read once they get into bed.



Some form of table to place a lamp, reading material and jewellery is a must. You don’t have to purchase costly bedside tables. A gorgeous side table will do the trick.



Most people travel with at least one device, so it’s a good idea to have a power board located somewhere easy to reach so your guest can re-charge their items overnight in their own space.


There’s no reason a guest room cant be a chic room. Give it some personality with framed posters or wall hangings. Frame prints using Ikea frames, they are really affordable and look great.


Papercollective _ art

Special Touches

A small vase of fresh flowers or a healthy plant will bring the room to life and make anyone feel at home. Keep it simple and think quality, not quantity.

Once it’s all done, try staying in it for a night and then you’ll know if it hits the mark. Just remember to change the sheets before your guest arrives!

Special note. I realise its quite a luxury these days to have a room in your home you can dedicate to a guest bedroom. If your guest bedroom is a multi-purpose space, you can still follow the tips above. Just make sure before your guest stays that you clear out as many unnecessary items (following the guidelines) as possible, and ensure its ultra-clean.


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