Guide To Wine Tasting

Who doesn’t love the sound of a weekend away sampling fine wine from some of Australia’s most picturesque wineries? Not a pro at wine tasting? No problem! Check out our foolproof guide on how to taste wine and convince people you know what you’re talking about…


Firstly, you need to know that ‘wine tasting’ is NOT the same as ‘drinking wine’. To appreciate the true flavour of a wine is a full sensory experience, involving sight, smell, touch and taste.

Follow our simple guide below to learn how to taste wine like a pro…

Guide To Wine Tasting

Step 1: 
Hold the glass by the stem up to the light, or against a white background so you can see the colour clearly. Look at the colour and clarity of the wine. White wines become darker as they age, while red wines tend to turn more brownish. Take your first sniff.

Step 2: 
Swirl the wine by gently moving it in a circular motion. This allows oxygen into the wine, which further helps to fully release the aromas.

Step 3: 
While still holding the glass up to the light, observe the “legs” (streaks of wine) that form around the edge of the glass as the wine settles. These legs help determine the body of the wine and indicate a more alcoholic/full-bodied wine.

Step 4: 
Smell the wine, initially by holding the glass a few inches back, then let your nose go into the glass. Make a mental note of the strength of the aroma, and the freshness. Try and think about what the smell reminds you of. Fresh cut grass? Berries? Golden Syrup? Pear?

Step 5: 
Go ahead and taste the wine but do not swallow. First, roll the wine around in your mouth, coating your taste buds. Making a note of the texture. Swallow.

Step 6: 
Take another sip, and with pursed lips, carefully suck air through your lips. This slurping of air (aerating) helps to release the full flavour and aroma. Rinse the wine around the mouth a little and swallow.

Step 7:
 A long-lasting aftertaste is generally an indication of a top quality drop. Other things to note are the wines acidity, sweetness and tannins (mouth drying sensation).

Step 8: 
Thumbs up, thumbs down time! After taking in all the above, form your overall opinion of the wine. If you think it’s a winner, jot down the name, producer and year down for future reference.

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