Hair Trends To Jump On In 2020

Hair today, gone tomorrow… Hollywood’s leading ladies are no strangers to taking a leap of faith when it comes to chopping and changing their hairstyles (excuse the pun).

So who’ll be leading the charge in 2020? And what are the most popular mane makeovers we’ll all be seeing on red carpet events around the world? Here’s Franck Provost’s Top Hollywood hair trends for 2020:


Who’s doing it?
ALL the JENNIFERS! Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Garner, as well as Kate Middleton, Alison Brie and Lily James, just to name a few. This stunning, sunkissed hair colouring technique is perfect to minimise the maintenance but keep your hair colour fresh, resulting in an enviable ‘I’ve just returned from a month in the French Riviera holiday highlights’ look

Hair contouring is a type of balayage and uses a combination of freehand colour application and strategically placed highlights to alter the appearance of your face shape by accentuating your best features and enhancing your natural skin tone. Franck Provost’s exclusive and natural-looking hair contouring technique is called ‘Indian Sun’. Darker tones create shadows and are used to shorten or narrow the face shape, whilst lighter tones lengthen the face shape by reflecting light.

“After assessing the client’s face shape – oval, triangle or square/round – we design a personalised colour placement map to perfectly suit their unique facial composition,” explains  Franck Provost Senior Stylist Melodie Delimauges. “Colours are chosen to complement the skin tone, generally no more than two or three shades above or below the hair’s natural colour. We position them to enhance the bone structure and complement the hair cut.” 


Who’s doing it?
There are the real deal celebs who have taken the genuine plunge with a fringe, including Hilary Duff’s enviable 70s style centre part long curtains, which match perfectly with her boho look, as well as Sarah Hyland and her cute 90s style eye-skimming wispy fringe. We love Alexa Chung’s retro version and  Dua Lipa’s solid full fringe that skims her eyebrows, plus Maisie Williams’ cute little micro fringe has a definite 80s vibe.

One fringe…many guises
Whether your fringe is short, long, wispy, or full, there are myriad ways you can wear it to change up your style. Blow it smooth or piece it out so the look is more soft and choppy, or you could also push it to one side for a completely different look. Many opt for long curtain bangs a la Dakota Johnson, which are low maintenance and easy to grow out into face-framing layers, plus they suit every face shape and hair type.

“Just remember that your fringe will need some ‘training’, so it’s important to blow dry it from side to side, over-directing it in the opposite way you want it to sit,” Melodie adds. “You can use a texture dust and sprinkle it through the hair to help keep it in place. You can also use a dry shampoo on your fringe, as it will probably get greasy before the rest of your hair since it sits on the forehead – one of the oiliest parts of your skin.”


Who’s doing it?
Taylor Swift is the queen of the shag. Chloe Grace Moretz’s shag has a distinct 70s rocker vibe. Alexa Chung’s version is a nod to the French, who love their layers and texture. Natasha Lyonne’s signature shag features lots of natural waves and bold texture, which makes for a perfectly messy and wild look that’s still super-stylish and polished.

Which shag are you?
The shag is a real mix of modern and retro; an effortless look where less is definitely more. And the good news is that it suits most face shapes and hair textures (apart from super fine hair, as it is heavily layered). “I love the versatility of the shag, you can wear it so many ways and channel whatever vibe you feel like,” says Melodie. “I think you should embrace the low maintenance of the shag haircut by doing as little as possible to it. Perhaps a dash of sea salt spray on damp hair and scrunch dry to enhance the texture and get a retro 70s look. It’s also great for those with curly hair, as you can almost do a wash and wear finish, perhaps just with a curl-enhancing spray, and you have a very deconstructed, natural luxe look that’s totally on-trend.”


Who’s doing it?
Rosie Huntington-Whitely, Olivia Culpo, Brie Larson, Reece Witherspoon, Leighton Meester… and remember how the internet nearly broke when Julia Robert cut her signature long wavy mane for a more manageable layered lob?

So many stars love this versatile style, which gives you just enough length so you can still wear your hair up. Keeping the layers long gives your hair more movement and allows you to play with your natural texture, particularly if you’re a curly girl. Or you can add some beachy textured waves for a real French-inspired modern look

How to style your long layered lob?
“This is my favourite hairstyle at the moment,” Melodie says, “as it’s low maintenance, ready to wear and completely versatile.” We love it on Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Lawrence and Lily James, who perfectly show how to wear it in a number of finishes, from super straight to wavy with texture.

So, how do you style your long layered lob? “A big bouncy blowdry is perfect for this haircut, as the layers allow for lots of movement and shape. Use a volume mousse on wet hair and divide the hair into horizontal sections, then use a big bristle brush to get the height and width for your desired look. A smooth blow-dry without volume is very sophisticated, just make sure you use a flat iron to get rid of any frizz in the mid-lengths to ends. A third option if you prefer something low maintenance is to add some sea salt spray to wet hair and dry gently with a diffuser, scrunching your hair as you go. This creates tousled, textured waves and gives more of a ‘shaggy’, beachy finish.”


Who’s doing it?
First, it was Evangeline Lilly who drove her fans wild when she took hair matters into her own hands (quite literally) and shaved her hair into a cool buzzcut. Then at the Oscars, we loved the pixie style cropped cut on Charlize Theron and Olivia Colman, who matched it with a white blonde colour that rocked the red carpet. Zoe Kravitz, Tyra Banks and Hayden Panettiere are also fans of the pixie, whilst Rita Ora and Jesinta Franklin prefer a little more length on top. There’s no doubt that cropped locks are very hot right now.  Ashley Benson’s 80s inspired short hair even has its own nickname – The Bobson.

What should I consider before I cut my hair short?
“Firstly, don’t be afraid of getting the chop, it’s only hair and it will grow back,” says Melanie. “The pros of having short hair – it’s cooler in summer and it will take a lot less time to do. Cons – you’ll need more frequent haircuts to keep it in shape and you can’t just throw your hair up in a messy bun or ponytail if you’re on the run. People think that because you have short hair, you’ll never have to ‘do’ your hair, when that’s actually not the case unless you get a super short buzz cut. You’ll need to learn how to style your new hair, but experimenting with new textures, products and finishes is half the fun!”

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