The True Reason Behind That Unwanted Fat

Sally Gatt

Fitness Expert

Who would have thought that a little hormone called oestrogen would be responsible for so much grief in the female psyche. Those wasted hours dreaming of smaller thighs and butt, excessive pounding the pavement in the quest for terminating that stubborn fat. What if I was to tell you there is an easier way?

We can start to manipulate this hormone by implementing some simple everyday habits to help fight thunder thighs and tuck-shop arms and the best thing is it doesn’t require excessive exercise or strict diets. Not to mention the research showing a link to excess oestrogen in the body and an increased risk of breast cancer.


It must be remembered that the hormone oestrogen when secreted by the ovaries is healthy and part of a healthy reproductive system. We need it to be fertile, grow breast tissue and have healthy skin, hair and nails. The issue is that chemical xenoestogens which include things like heavy metals and pesticides imitate and mimic oestrogen. If our body is exposed to too much of these synthetic oestrogens the body can produce excessive amounts. They latch onto or bind to existing oestrogens receptors in the body which is when we run into a whole host of symptoms including;

Stubborn body fat/ weight gain

Mood swings


Heavy menstrual flow and cramping

Low libido


Hair loss and dry skin

These nasty oestrogen mimickers are also responsible for oestrogen dominance in males which is a growing concern for it increases mammary tissue cells better known as “man boobs” and can also see symptoms like hair loss and depression. Because there are a lot of oestrogen receptor sites in the lower half of the body people with oestrogen dominance (which is 90% of the people I see for consulting) tend to hold fat around the legs and gluteal or buttock fold.

So what can we do to combat these fake hormones ruling our bodies? Three simple things we can do immediately with not much effort is avoid what I call the three Ps…

The Three Ps

Plastics – BPA Free plastics have become a big trend now that they are linking these chemicals to oestrogen dominance however what should be noted here is that every time we heat plastic including leaving it in the sun even putting it through the dishwasher or microwaving food increases plastics toxicity and its contents. Choose BPA free but keep them out of the sun or heat and where possible choose glass or porcelain containers.

Pesticides – Going organic is the only way to avoid consuming pesticides however they are expensive. Go organic where possible and wash your food thoroughly in water before cooking. Unfortunately Australia is one of the biggest culprits of pesticide use due to difficult farming land and growth for a variety of fruits and vegetables.

Cutting out genetically modified organisms (GMOs), like soy, can help greatly lower the amount of fake oestrogens that enter the body also. Remember soy can be added to sauces, tinned products and flavored drinks so always read your food labels. A great book called The Whole Soy Story, By Dr Kaayla Daniel I would recommend to anyone wanting more info on this topic.

Parabens – Parabens are a heavy metal used in beauty products including hair, fake tan, perfume and make -up, they are used in most well-known products and when put on the skin absorb straight into the blood stream causing these nasty xenoestrogens to wreak havoc on our hormones. Check your products and if the word paraben is present I would be throwing it in the bin….sorry ladies. Go to the Environmental Working Group at to see if your products pass the test and what products are recommended.

How do we get rid of existing Oestrogen in the body?

Two people have the same exposure to Xenoestrogens then how can one person be lean and have no health repercussions and the other heavy metal toxicity and have endless trouble leaning out their stubborn areas?

It basically comes done to who the better detoxifier is. In simpler terms, the better a person’s ability to get rid of these fake oestrogens are, the less likely they are to store fat.

So the number one question is….how do I become a better detoxifier?  I break it down into two main processes or phases.

1. The body inhales, consumes or absorbs the toxin which goes to kidneys  and liver for processing and elimination

2. The last phase is to the Gastrointestinal Tract where it gets excreted

All three of these important organs should be working perfectly for proper detoxification however a lot of us have a sluggish liver, kidneys and other GI tract issues that need to be addressed first before we see those stubborn areas of fat move.

In five easy steps here’s what you will do to help rid your body of harmful oestrogens;

1. Support the GI tract by taking a probiotic and digest support or HCL – This will help excrete oestogens from the intestine.

2. Take pharmaceutical grade multi-vitamin containing Zinc and B-vitamins – these will help metabolise foreign oestogen from the body particularly the liver and kidneys

3. Make sure you are absorbing folic acid (B-vitamins) a quick test, although not as accurate as a proper lab test, is to perform the asparagus test. If your urine smells strong and repugnant chances are you have a gene that will inhibit you processing B-vitamins which is essential for detoxification. If this is the case a supplement to assist B-vitamin absorption could be needed to help this vital detoxification process. You can read more here.

4. Take Flaxseed lignans , this is a good plant based oestrogen that helps by binding to oestrogen receptor sites before the nasty ones get there and can help inhibit further production.

5. Choose cruciferous veggies containing sulforaphane and indoles. Things like kale, brussel sprouts, spinach and cabbage are all great veggies that will help speed up detoxification process.

This combined with regular exercise and avoiding toxicity where possible will really help you lean out those areas, that in the past, nothing has made the fat budge.

Having worked with a lot of fitness models, actors and catwalk models it is necessary to be lean in all areas. After eating well, exercising and still not seeing results doing a more aggressive oestrogen detox is possible but you need to get the basics right above first before you spend your hard earned money on a full detox.

Are your hormones making you fat? I hope this article has helped people recognise that diet and exercise alone is not always the best remedy for fat loss. If the body is toxic and has excessive oestrogen it will be almost impossible to get the results you want. Start by addressing the above issues in conjunction with regular exercise and healthy eating and you will be on the road to fat-burning success!


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