How You Can Attract Love This Valentine’s Day

The New Year is the perfect time to get clear on what you would like your future love life to look and feel like. Start by de-cluttering the past while making a list of what matters to you, and to work out the action steps that will get you there. Marianne Vicelich, author of Love Spells, shares her tips on how to attract love, to make it your most loved up month yet.

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Firstly, it is really important to let go of your past and embrace the future. When we really delve into the reasons we can’t let an ex go, there are only two – an attachment to the past or a fear of the future. A psychological attachment to the past and a paralysing fear of the future go hand in hand. We are scarred by the bad things that have happened and we are terrified of having to survive on our own. Like a trapeze artist who has let go of the first swing in order to grab hold of the next, we have to let go of past hurts and setbacks if we are going to let love enter our life.

We must visualise your destination. What do you want your future love life to look like? Get clear about your intentions and identify your goal. This means visualising the ideal scenario that you want from your partner.

Practice a technique termed “Calling In the One” to attract a loving relationship.

This technique will allow your heart to expand and magnetise what you need. It focuses on the heart chakric position to help clear the past and call in your true mate.

There are many reasons why you open to new relationships with your heart. Your heart is the most important organ in your body. Your heart’s electromagnetic field is five thousand times more powerful than that created by your brains. Your heart actually produces hormones such as oxytocin, the love hormone, which produces bonding and affection between people. Your heart speaks for yourself, and the rest of you.

Follow these four steps:

To begin the process, breathe deeply into the centre of your heart chakra. The very middle of this chakra is the home of your true self, the essential spirit that you have always been and that you yearn to be. When you feel completely comfortable start with the following four steps.

Step One

Own Your Own Intimacy Wisdom

Consciously focus on the middle of the heart chakra, letting yourself acknowledge all the ways you have enjoyed the intimacy nourished by this chakra. Let your imagination wonder. Have your intimacy needs been met by people from your past? What have you learnt from being embraced in this form of intimacy.

Step 2

Release Resentments

Give yourself permission to sense and experience the resentments that linger in this chakra. Were there people or relationships that caused you unnecessary pain or cost you well deserved love? Were you treated in ways that left you hurt and unable to open to the inherent intimacy promised. What experiences or unmet needs do you have to grieve? When you are ready, acknowledge the lessons provided by the relationships that may still be giving you grief in these areas.

Step 3

Accept Your Worthiness

Ask yourself – your true self – to help you understand the positive that can replace the former resentment held. Complete this step by asking for your true self to clarify the principle, the overriding truth, which helps you open to a more positive and loving relationship. What is the truth that will set you free, but also attract the relationship of your dreams?

Step 4

Express Gratitude

Breathe the ever-present, dynamic energy of gratitude into the centre of this chakra, and let it radiate out from here. Can you see how gratitude, the living beam of divine love, exudes love in all directions, just as the sun exudes heat and light? These rays of light emanate all around you, sending messages that instruct the world to see and experience you for who you really are, not what you were trained to be.

When you have completed these four steps lock all the changes you have made into your heart. Your heart field will continue to broadcast intimacy needs into the greater world to attract what you need. Feel how your heart chakra has expanded through this exercise and how it has become filled with the promise of each type of intimacy.

Moving forward believe that whatever you need right now is on its way. Whatever relationship or relationships are required to meet all your intimacy needs are already speeding into your life. You only have to accept what your heart is drawing to you and smile inside knowing this. Your love life awaits your re-entry.


Love Spells by Marianne Vicelich 


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