How To Beat The Bra Over Hang

It’s every woman’s worst nightmare, but that will longer be the case as Tiffany Hall, founder of TIFFXO shares her 5 training secrets that can beat the bra overhang.

Ninjas, I’m all about hanging out but you wanna know what I’m NOT about – that pesky bra over-hang! It’s time to beat up those trouble areas and give you those nice smooth body lines you want (and deserve). No matter if you’re the most time poor or you have spare time in spades, you can always train.

Below are some upper body exercises to tone and strengthen your upper half, easily achieved straight from the comfort of your living room Dojang.

These workouts will allow us to work our cores, shoulders, biceps, back and abs too. It’s time for a full shine workout to get that heart rate UP! Gosh you’ll know you’ve exercised after this. Let’s start working on that shine!

This circuit will take two and half minutes to get through once. Complete each exercise for 20secs, then 10 secs rest get through 4 times for a shiny 10 minute workout!


Two jab, cross punches above head, two jab, cross punches to the floor


Here we are working the shoulders, biceps, back and abs. Punching high works the arms and back, while punching low has you crunching down on the abs. The cross punches across your body will work your obliques to tighten your waist, so you really want to give them a good go.

– Stand in a horse riding position, knees bent, butt back in a half squat, toes and knees facing the front.
– Straighten your legs and reach and punch across your body to the sky (punching with your front two knuckles). Now, punch with purpose go for speed and power as if you are punching into a pillow or a bag.
– Now give the other arm a go. Really reach so you flex through your back.
– Next, bend your knees and punch across your body low towards your opposite knee. Crunch your abs as you do so.
– Repeat on the other arm, and concentrate on twisting your torso.



Sneaky! We’re going to work the core, the arms, the shoulders AND the back all at once. You won’t even notice – promise! Think of the walking planks as a distraction from the burn in your core (the good kind). We’re going for a PB plank hold, okay?

– Get comfy in a plank position on your form arms. Keep those hips up so your body is straight from head to toe – your best imitation of a plank!
– Push up onto your right hand until your right arm is straight.
– Push up onto your left hand until your left arm is straight.
– Lower back down onto your right forearm, then your left forearm.
– That’s one rep.
– Remember to keep that beautiful straight form from forearm position to pushup position.
– Repeat over and over until your abs just can’t take it anymore – push them to their limit!



It’s the ol’ one-two! You can make this one a bit trickier with some hand weights if you’re up for the challenge. Don’t have any weights? Yeah you do! Just use weighted balls, water bottles or soup cans.

– Stand side on with your guard up (elbows close to your body and fists protecting your chin).
– Perform a quick jab with your front arm and follow-up with a cross punch with your back arm. Keep ‘em coming!
– Remember to roll your shoulders through the movement too, to get your abs involved.



The Spiderlady push-up is a variation of the standard push-up, that adds in hip flexion (the name will make sense once you’re mid exercise). This move will really make you feel like a superhero. They’re yet to film Spiderlady, but when they do – you’ll be ready for the part!

– Start in the standard push-up position, but with your arms staggered – one arm under your shoulder and the other arm placed back under your rib cage.
– As you lower your torso towards the floor, bend your elbows out to the side.
– At the same time, lift your foot (the one closest to your arm that is further back) off the floor and bend the knee to hitch it up beside your hip or to touch your elbow (depending on your strength and flexibility).
– You can perform this exercise on the spot, or you can walk a step forward on your hands each time and perform the push-ups moving forward. Really make sure you’re pulling in your tummy to support your back.
– Repeat this action, alternating sides.


Double jab, cross, hook, uppercut, uppercut.


You can do this into a pillow at home, with a boxing bag at a gym or shadow box in a mirror (show yourself who’s boss!). Really put some oomph into it, lead with your front two knuckles and make sure you keep that thumb on the outside of the fist so it doesn’t get hurt (a little boxing 101).

– Stand side on, guard up, light on your feet, and jab twice with your front arm (quick, like a dart!).
– Throw a single forward punch with your back arm (the ‘cross’) followed by a hook punch with your front arm (lead with your elbow across your body on this one).
– Finish with 2 uppercuts – elbows tight against your body, first starting at your chin and leading through to head height (or your pillow opponent’s) chin.


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