How to Brief Your Hairdresser

We’ve all had a hairdressing experience we wish had never happened. Whether a bad dye job, uneven haircut or a style that just plain doesn’t suit you, hair that doesn’t work can change your entire appearance, and kill your confidence. Hairdresser to the stars Joh Bailey shares his advice on how to avoid repeating a bad trip to the hairdresser, and how to get the hair colour, cut and style that you love.

Bring a picture

When it comes to getting the hairstyle/colour you want, you cannot go past a photo reference. There are so many to choose from. Celebrity gossip and high fashion magazines are always the best places to start. Bring plenty of different pictures, for example, one picture may have the style you like, whilst another will have the colour you are wanting.

Choose a style and colour that suits you

Keep in mind when choosing celebrity styles, their face shape, and complexion. Ask yourself  “are they similar to mine?” Remember that they are pictures and that they are to be used as a guide, it is rare that the look can be replicated exactly.

Work with your hairdresser

During your consultation it is really important that you and your hairdresser are on the same page especially when it comes to colouring. Remember your hairdresser is a trained professional, in most cases their input is vital. You as the client needs to voice what it is you DON’T like. So often we are told what you want but saying what you don’t want is even more important. Ask your hairdresser for advice like: if the colour/style you are after is achievable in your hair, if yes great — get styling!
If not ask him/her to make suggestions until you find something you both decide its perfect for you.

The final word

All of the tips above avoid the possibility that you are unhappy with the outcome. But if you’re still unhappy with your new ‘do, the best thing to do is call your salon as soon as possible and go in and see your hairdresser. The most common reason for your dissatisfaction is miscommunication. Which brings us back to pictures, pictures, pictures!!!!

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