Can Your Mindset Change Your Life?

Simonne Lee

Life Strategist

For some of us, change is like a walk in the park. It’s easy, it’s stimulating and you can act without hesitation. Many might say luck is on their side and all their cards have lined up. While for others, they will place their focus on how things do not fall into place and always seem to be climbing a steep hill to reach their destination.

When change comes knocking on our door, we may not always take note of the signs being presented. With our tunnel focus and blinkered vision, it can be easy to miss messages coming our way.

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The human psyche is one of the most intricate and fascinating living computers to observe. We are programmed (conditioned) through our family’s beliefs, our culture and environment. It’s like all these little experiences create data that we store within us on an unconscious level. These pieces of data form the way we react to different situations, thus forming a mindset.

A mindset is simply how we approach life and relationships on a daily basis.

Most of the time we only address our mindset when we’re going through change – an uncomfortable change. It’s a forced change, which can be challenging to move through if you don’t know how to support yourself.

Many of my clients will recognise a sense of not being able to move forward or unable to understand what’s happening around them. Stepping into chaos, is ALWAYS a prompter for us to take action and for some, it’s last resort action.

For change to come, we need an unraveling to let go of and move forward from old beliefs (which are mindsets that don’t support us any longer). It doesn’t matter what reason it is, it’s simply a shift. A change in knowing how to be flexible and adaptable.

Our mindset can make all the difference in taking those first couple of steps forward or breaking us down further.

Two of the methods I use with clients are Coaching and Hypnosis.


Coaching allows you to build and create new beliefs and actions that support your mindset. Logically and emotionally working out what fits and what doesn’t anymore. By crafting values that are relevant to who you are today, is the basis of your mindset.


Hypnosis allows for the unconscious mind to access and work with the new mindset. Allowing your values to drift into the unconscious and changing data and codes (conditioning) that drove you previously. It’s like a breath of fresh air.

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Here is a 3 step method to check in on your mindset

Grab some paper and pen, then spend some time sitting quietly for about fifteen minutes and just breathe.

1. FIVE MINUTES – thoughts

Let your attention observe your thoughts. The manner in which they flow and the direction they gravitate towards and jot them down. For example, are they uplifting, heavy, supportive?

2. FIVE MINUTES – emotions

Let your focus gentle move onto your emotions. What feelings come up in this space? Perhaps you feel sad, lost, light, happy then write them down.

3. FIVE MINUTES – sensations

For the last part, let your attention move to the sensations in your body. Does it feel stuck, tight, tension or maybe empty, then write it down.

By bringing your awareness to each aspect above, you’re able to separate into three areas. It’s a very simple method of de-cluttering yourself onto paper. Here you begin to get a sense of what you may like to work on. Then you can decide if you would like to work further with a Coach and/or Hypnotherapist.

Finding the right Coach and Hypnotherapist is the key to helping you shift on deeper level. The right Coach and Hypnotherapist has the role of untangling thoughts, feelings and emotions; depending on which aspect of your world that you want to address. Being able to connect and resonate with your Coach and Hypnotherapist creates a safe environment to explore different avenues and discover what fits for your bigger picture.

Instead of preparing and focusing on climbing Mount Everest, you can change your world through your mindset. With a little bit of effort and exploration, you’re able to see opportunities and act on them, so that you create the luck in your life. And luck, well it’s just synchronicity of all aspects of you moving together as one.

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