How To Create Longlasting Flawless Summer Skin

Michael Brown

Beauty Expert

As you start to say goodbye to summer and the glowing skin that comes with it you shouldn’t be sad- there’s makeup tips and tricks that can create this dewy summer look even as we enter Autumn.

We tend to minimise our makeup routines over the warmer months as heat and humidity rise and the longevity of makeup becomes a priority.

Common warmer weather questions like, will my makeup last, will I look shiny and will my makeup crease, can easily be avoided with the correct textures and application techniques.

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Summer beauty should be simple, with pop points of colour to dress it up like a bold lip, more lashes or a metallic eyelid – so it really is all about the skin.

Try fresh, natural skin with brushed up brows, a hint of mascara, a touch of nude contouring, taupe shades on the eyelids and under cheekbone, and a neutral lip colour can take your look from day to night.

The options for complexion is bigger than ever with so many new formulations to make makeup look like real skin. Makeup is only as good as the skin underneath, so you do have to put some prep work in, but more than ever can we make our skin look fresh while having the confidence of some coverage for an even skin tone.


As a makeup artist, I can tell immediately once a foundation is applied if skin is in good shape or not. Foundation should glide over the skin without catching, like a second skin, but for some, this is not the case.

Most would blame the foundation, but in actual fact, it is normally the skin underneath, usually lacking in moisture or not exfoliated to create a smooth surface.

A skin that is dehydrated or dry can also then suck in foundation, leaving a bare face by the end of the day. Once again the foundation is blamed, but often if added hydration is there as prep before application of a foundation, the foundation will last longer through out the day.

Prep Tips:

Exfoliate the skin once a week

This ensures dead skin cells that can build up on the surface of our skin are removed to unveil a silky smooth base, perfect for foundation to bond too. Over exfoliation can dry out the skin, so once a week is plenty.

Daily Hydration

If no time for anything else, always use a lightweight, hydrating product before foundation application. Keep anything oil based, or in a cream texture for night as foundation doesn’t like anything to rich to sit over – the bond will not be as strong and therefore foundation can wear away or crease easier having a heavy base.


It’s always a great idea to up your antioxidant protection in summer as the skin can be in big environmental stress from being outdoors more. This can really help skin health and be perfect for anti-ageing, plus becomes a great base for foundation also, as this type of product usually brightens.

My pick is the Ultraceuticals Ultra Protective Antioxidant Complex (RRP $89)


BB & CC Creams

 The age of the makeup multi-tasker is strong and the introduction of the BB/CC cream made everything seem so easy – Natural coverage containing SPF protection and skincare benefits = winning!

Because of the nature of these new complexion perfection products being lighter in texture, easy to apply and a fresher look to a sometimes-heavier foundation application, they can be a great choice to achieve a dewy, fresher skin look this summer – plus helping skins moisture loss and protection from the sun.

BB Cream (Beauty Balm)

The BB creams nature is all about being lightweight, yet packed with goodness, so it became a big hit to busy mums, weekend off-duty wear, or even new comers to foundation as it can be applied so easily – similar to the texture and feel of a tinted moisturizer.

The blendability means great for the time poor as application time can be less, not worrying about uneven edges that can happen with a foundation that offers a full coverage.

I like to use my hands for application for both BB and CC creams as they almost have a skincare feel, with colour running through them – massaging them in makes them bond well with your skin for longevity.

Most BB creams have a fresh glow look to them, but they are not overly dewy as this makes them last longer throughout the day, especially in summer.

Because of all the above, BB creams have become a one stop shop, just with less coverage, allowing skin to breathe and look fresh.

My Choice is the Bobbi Brown BB Cream SPF 30 (RRP $61)



CC Cream (Colour Corrector)

The CC cream has not been around as long as the BB cream and to be honest is very similar in coverage and type of product. Most still contain skincare benefits (some more than others, depending on the brand) and all have an SPF protection… The main difference is the shades and pigments within them.

The CC cream is colour correcting, so this product is aimed for women with an uneven skin tone, being that could be redness, pigmentation or even dullness.

Either way, you will feel more even and brighter with the adaptable shades that are contained with a CC cream.

Pink-Based skins should try a neutral undertone to tone down redness.

Yellow-based skins should try a brighter shade to lift dull skin.

Pigmentation means you need to go slightly deeper in shade tone for the pigment to be reduced and looking even.

My Choice is the Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream (RRP $45) – This one gives great hydration as well as colour correcting!




So we know that foundation is a standard item when it comes to makeup, but it can really make or break your look, being so important to create that bond, making it appear more like a second skin than that of a visible foundation.

If you are wanting more coverage than a BB or CC cream, sometimes you may only need a little concealer on the area of concern – use a dabbing motion for a buildable coverage and outer edge blend – rather than covering the entire face in unnecessary coverage for one little spot.

If you still feel more coverage is needed for a more ‘dressed’ up look, foundation for me needs to be illuminated for it to look natural. Just placing colour over your face and blending it in won’t always give you the best effect.


Before foundation application, apply a face illuminator on the frontal parts of the face where light would hit first. This brightens the area so when foundation is applied over the top, it looks more transparent and natural.


To even out foundation always use a foundation brush – starting from the centre of the face working outwards – in a sweeping application. This thins and blends product to avoid build up.

To buff foundation or to add coverage, I am in love with the new age of sponges, the Beauty Blender!


Available at Sephora

They are shaped perfectly for every area of the face and are great for blending out eyes and use for contouring with highlight and shade tones – blending and buffing product into skin means longevity!

Lastly, a dewy look to your complexion for me is fresh, hydrated skin, illuminated from under foundation and a glow texture from the products you choose.

Don’t get fooled by the ‘dewy’ finish foundations that look great when first applied, but a shiny mess hours later.

Mattify the T-Zone and leave the outer areas of your face bare for best and more importantly, balanced results.


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