How To Create Social Media With Authentic Purpose

Smile, camera, selfie!

We know social media has revolutionised the way we interact with one another and engage with friends and family, however, have you considered within this process we have all become influencers, or even leaders, in some way, shape or form?

The question then becomes, are we offering our audience a true reflection of life as we live it, or merely a projection of what we would, in fact, love our life to be?

Considering this, there is untapped opportunity to influence with authenticity and therefore integrity.

While social media has had a bad rap in the authenticity stakes, with the “staging of a picture-perfect life”, I don’t believe social media is the issue. It’s our relationship to it, like our relationship in respect to other things in life. Who we are choosing to be in relation to these things sets the tone for engagement?

Creating engaging social media for friends and family in a way that is fun, authentic, and endearing isn’t and shouldn’t be hard work!

It’s all about the intention behind the online engagement. Does it come from a place of self-love, courage, acceptance, joy, tolerance, freedom, and self-expression? Or does it come from a place of fear, anxiety, control, and the need to prove yourself to others and the world, thus seeking acceptance?

It’s the “Be-Do-Have” paradigm and this requires a mindset shift or re-frame. The world would be way easier when you don’t have to prove anything to anyone, and your worthiness and lovability comes from within. It’s about thinking differently about yourself and others. For example, when you come from a place of “being” happy, you “do” things that make you happy, which enables you to “have” more of that which you want, happiness. This state of “being” is infectious and makes others want what you’re having.

Author and Mindset Coach, Maria Boznovska shares how we can create social media with authentic purpose and engagement.

Awareness is the key

Accept and embrace who YOU are with compassion and understanding. The relationship with yourself is what you project to your friends, family and the world. It’s how you see others and how you see the world, and in turn, how others see you.

Show up fully and be the unapologetic you.

Social media should be a way to share with your friends how you live, without fear of judgment. Allow your life to represent the grandest version, the greatest idea of who you really are, rather than who you are trying to be in order to please others. Let go of comparisons and the need to judge others or yourself for that matter. Everyone is on their own journey and life is contextual. The wrong of another is the right of someone else.

This authenticity comes from clarifying and understanding your values in life, and then living fully self-expressed in everything you think, say, and do. You will inspire others to do the same. It’s about walking the talk and talking the walk, off and on camera.

When mastery is reached, the noises of the world can be muffled, the distractions quieted, even in the midst of them all of life becomes a mindful act of just “being” in your flow irrespective of what others around you are doing.

Own your vulnerability

It’s a powerful strength within and connects us and makes us feel seen, heard, and validated for our unique experiences. The human condition is the same, though our stories may differ, we all share the same feelings and emotions. It’s our greatest equaliser, our commonality and our ability to have empathy for one another.

Be secure in yourself and know that you are worthy and say to yourself “I am enough”. Your worthiness does not depend on what others think of you. Let go with ease and flow the “fear of missing out” and allow yourself to just be. The right people, that is your tribe will be drawn to you for who you are. Ask yourself “this is who I am, how can I share who I am with my friends, family and the world to be of service?” whereas most people ask “this is who I am, do you like me? And then twist and contort themselves to “fit in” and be liked.

It is the simple things, simple acts with the purest intentions that bring the deepest joy and fulfillment to our lives. Engage your will and move away from expectations. In doing so you lovingly let go of the need to be what the social mind has conditioned you to believe as truth. The illusory social mind is alluring, enjoy what it has to offer yet do not need anything, for everything you need you already have Within. Without being aware often, this is how you influence with integrity and shine a light for others to do the same.

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