Feel Empowered By Celebrating Your Achievements

Firstly, why is it important to feel empowered? How will it make a difference in your world? These are great questions, Creator of YJuly, Shar Moore shares her tips to celebrating your achievements.

Personal empowerment is a collection of beliefs, skills and actions that all work together to help you feel amazing. By reviewing these, it helps you have a positive and realistic view of yourself and therefore feel empowered.

Make sense?

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Now for most people, we celebrate a win by ticking a task off our to do list. When was the last time you reflected backwards in your life and high fived yourself for achieving something amazing? I’m betting never!

I’ve had to do this a few times in my life, as I’m blessed to have won two coveted International awards and the awards submission process actually makes you stop, reflect and celebrate how far you’ve come. But I’ll talk more about this later.

Let’s think about your day. We all wake up with a huge list of to-do’s and prepare ourselves for the onslaught ahead. At the end of the day when we flop into bed, we don’t say to ourselves ‘Wow, well done – you gave that a good crack!’ now do we? But why don’t we? We achieved so many things in that one day and yet, we can’t take a moment to acknowledge that.

So let’s go into this a bit deeper.

You see, I meet a lot of people as I travel the world and speak and even when interviewing people, I have come to realise one thing… and it’s an important one!

Most people teflon coat themselves, so nothing seems to stick. Now this has a place in business and life, as some people will try and bring you down and by being teflon coated, things will just slide off.

However, it works in reverse when it’s something positive because when someone pays you a compliment, we deflect. Someone might say ‘Oh that’s a lovely outfit’ to which you will reply ‘what, this old thing’? (If I could see your face right now, I bet it would be saying – ‘How does she know’)

Most human beings (and I won’t say all as some are quite happy accepting the compliment and saying ‘I know I look good don’t I’… these people don’t need my article that’s for sure, but for the rest of us, we find positive attention and words of encouragement hard to accept as we are often told as kids not to listen as it will make our head big.)

But here is the problem we have created in my opinion. When we never stop to accept a compliment, or celebrate our own achievements, we are starving ourselves of recognition and because we don’t reward ourselves, we don’t want to repeat the action. You know the old saying ‘what gets rewarded, gets repeated?’ Well it’s so true!

Imagine if you constantly acknowledged your wins and celebrated your achievements, your body would be in this awesome positive space, buzzing with excitement and crazing to feel like that again. So you would always put yourself in a situation where you set yourself up to win.

Now that can’t be a bad thing can it?

So why not start creating small challenges for yourself every day that you know you can achieve and then congratulate yourself for doing them. Start having a few minutes at the dinner table, where you go around the table and congratulate each member of your family on something they have achieved and they will do the same for you. What a positive space to be in!

The best way to feel empowered in my humble opinion, is to find your true purpose in life, share that gift with everyone who is meant to be in your world and celebrate every time you make a difference in someone else’s life.

Imagine how amazing that would be for you and everyone around you. Are you up for the challenge?


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