How To Get Voluminous Hair: Short and Long Hair Tutorials

The higher the hair the closer to god, right? Whether you’re aiming for that fresh-off-the-beach look, a Oscars-worthy ‘do, or an everyday healthy hair vibe, volume is the key to getting there.

We consulted ghd Creative Artist, Mary Alamine, to find out about how to add maximum volume using the new ghd 3D volume smart hot brush, ghd rise and other products.

RESCU: What is your top tip for added volume when styling short hair with ghd rise? 

Mary Alamine: My top tip for achieving maximum volume on short hair is to over direct the section of hair forward and wrap around the rise, hold for 8 seconds then gently unwinding, releasing the hair. A tip when using rise is if you brush rise through the hair you will be lengthening the curl and therefore pulling the volume out so unwinding gently is the best method. Watch the video below for a quick tutorial.

RESCU: What is your top tip for added volume when styling longer hair with ghd rise

Mary Alamine: A great way to achieve added volume on longer hair is to flat wrap the hair around the rise without much tension, rolling it towards the roots, holding for 8 seconds, and then releasing. Breaking long hair into three sections (roots, mid-lengths, and ends) will mean that the hair will flow beautifully when finished and at every point, the hair has maximum volume.  Watch the video below for a quick tutorial.

RESCU: Any tips on how rise can help freshen up post-workout or second-day hair?

Mary Alamine: I find spraying the ghd Root Lift Spray on the roots and drying helps to freshen up the hair just before using the rise and will help create more volume and longevity. I wouldn’t recommend having hairspray or dry shampoo in your hair when using the ghd rise as this gives your hair a grittiness and means styling with rise will be a much longer process.

RESCU: What other tips and tricks can you share about achieving volume more generally for short hair?

Mary Alamine: A great way to achieve volume on shorter hair is to apply a volume foam or mousse from roots to ends on damp hair and tip head over and blast dry. This will help give the hair more lift at the root area and activate the product in the hair. 

RESCU: Likewise for long hair, do you have any go-to tips for volume more broadly?

Mary Alamine: A tip for achieving volume in longer hair is to apply a volume spray at the roots and then blast dry in the opposite direction. Another tip is to go in with a big round brush and elevate the hair while drying resulting in more volume at the roots. After blow-drying each section, wrap the hair around fingers and pin at the root area to cool down. 

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