How To Wear Mixed Prints Like A Celebrity

Mixing prints is a trend that’s almost impossible to ignore right now. But this loud look can be risky and intimidating if you’re not sure about which prints mix well with what. The good news is, once you master the art of mixing prints, your outfit options in your wardrobe will considerably increase.

Curious to try this daring trend out but don’t know where to start?

Here at RESCU we’ll have you mixing in no time.

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If you’re new to adventurous looks it may take some time to build up the courage to start pairing the unexpected, so if you’re feeling nervous about mixing bold prints start out by mixing different textures first.

This will help ease you into bolder looks without being too overwhelming.Try a denim shirt with leather shorts or lace skirt.

Ready to give mixing a go now?

Read on for our best easy-to-follow tips to help get you started!

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Tip 1: pick your statement print piece.

It’s important to build your ensemble around one key print piece whether that be a loud floral skirt or animal print blazer, use this as your starting point.

If you’re new to mixing, once you have picked your key print piece try adding a printed accessory instead of another piece of printed clothing. This will help you to ease into mixing.

Tip 2: Colour-coordinate

Tone down the bold look by opting for similar colours and palettes. This will help you blend your prints, while still making a statement.

If the prints you have chosen don’t share a similar colour make sure to pick out the predominant shade of your key print piece and accessorise in like tones.

Tip 3: Size matters

To avoid looking over the top, mix a larger scaled print with a smaller less dominant print. Two prints of the same scale could end up being too overwhelming and even unpleasing to the eye.

Tip 4: Add neutrals

Use basic neutrals as your anchor to tone down your prints. Opting for a white blouse and tan accessories will always compliment the brave trend.

Tip 5: Avoid three.

The aim of mixing prints is to look chic not circus. To avoid over doing this tricky trend always limit your ensemble to two patterns.

5 Print Mixes to try:

The following are some proven stylish combinations to get you mixing on your way!

Animal Print x Floral
Vintage Floral x large Floral
Stripes x Floral
Tropical x Polka Dots
Scarf (Versace Print) x Stripes


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