How To Pack Your Life In A Suitcase

Every year millions of Australians count down the days until their next trip overseas. While researching the best attractions and cuisine is exciting, most of us overlook the dreaded task of packing. Consequently, we over pack and end up dragging multiple suitcases through the airport, not to mention those hefty overweight luggage fees.

The experts in travel, The Global Work & Travel Co. know the best tips and tricks to prevent over packing, allowing you to easily pack your life into a suitcase.

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Whether you’re a seasoned traveller or a first time rookie, these top tips will set you up with the best suitcase for your trip:


Packing smart outfits that are still Instagram worthy seems to be a stressful task for the modern traveller. Basics such as plain lightweight t-shirts and tanks will match any bottoms and accessories, while also taking up minimal room in your suitcase. Long skirts and dresses are another must as they breathe better than pants, plus they’re conservative and suitable for interviews. Complete your interview outfit with your best pair of dress shoes – stylish employers will make shoe contact before they make eye contact. Hats, scarves and accessories are a great way to reinvent outfits that you’ve already worn, switching up your existing looks with a fresh and fashionable spin. Lastly, you should always pack at least one sweater even if you’re headed to the tropics. It gets cold everywhere at some point, especially during the night time.


 Although it’s tempting to pack your entire skincare collection and bathroom goodies, you just need the basics. Packing mini toiletries and 2-in-1 products will get you through the first part of your trip, then you can buy the rest when you settle in. Save yourself the trouble and cash by packing your own first aid kit. This will save you the stress of tracking down medicine in foreign languages and locations. Use the rest of the space to pack products that aren’t available in the country you’re travelling too, that way you won’t have withdrawals from using your favourite moisturiser or perfume.


Behind every amazing travel picture is the right equipment, but do bring the bare minimum. Don’t let your suitcase get weighed down by multiple cords and bulky technology. Take your best camera, GoPro and chargers to ensure that you turn life’s best moments into memories. An international adapter is essential, allowing you to use your tech in all countries. Packing your laptop, iPad or e-reader in your carry-on luggage will prevent any damages and give you more room in your suitcase as well.

What NOT to bring

When packing your life into a suitcase, less is more. Although it’s hard to believe, you can avoid being an offender of outfit repeating without bringing your whole closet. Great accessories are the key to every look. Be careful of how many shoes end up creeping into your suitcase as they can take up the majority of space. One pair of comfortable walking shoes, sandals and a respectable pair for formal occasions is all you need.

Other bits and pieces

If you’re a messy packer or struggle with organisation, packing cubes will compress everything that you need. Splashing out on a good quality backpack will be worth it as it will go through a lot of wear and tear – look for durability, space and safe compartments. Cross body bags and money belts are also secure options for busy countries that are prone to those nasty pickpockets.

In a perfect world we would bring our entire closet and bathroom with us on every trip overseas, however this is not realistic for the average traveller. Following these suggestions will make you a smarter packer, squeezing all of life’s necessities into one suitcase.


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