How to Prep Your Skin for the Summer Season

Summer – the season of sun, sand and waves, which I’m sure we can all agree is long overdue this year. There is no better feeling than waking up to a bright blue day, a balmy temperature and spending time outdoors with friends. However while the season is generally great for lifting our moods, sometimes our skin can be a little slower and may take a while to adjust to the seasonal changes.

Natura Siberica‘s expert and skincare enthusiast Sarah Dodaro shares 5 tips to help you prep your skin for the summer season:


Cleansing your skin with the right ingredients and products is one of the primary ways to help prep your skin during a seasonal transition. Our skin, constantly adapting to our environment, soaks up all the nasties and this can affect the way it appears. Ensuring you’re using a product with beneficial ingredients will ensure your skin has a smooth transition into the warmer months. Ingredients such as activated charcoal has the ability to extract toxins from our skin, acting as an active absorbent ensuring our skin is left deeply cleansed from within our pores, not just the surface.


We all know the saying ‘Slip-Slop-Slap’ however many of us tend to forget protecting the most looked upon skin on our bodies – our face. We come up with excuses such as “I’m wearing a hat” or “I won’t be looking at the sun” or ‘it will make my face shiny’ however our face is one of the first areas where visible signs of sun damage appears such as hyper-pigmentation, photo ageing and sunburn. Ensuring you protect your face with a certified sunscreen will ease your skin into being exposed to the sun-rays during the summer season. Many moisturisers and foundations now have SPF in them as well.

Stay Hydrated

Sure, we can cleanse and protect our skin to get it prepped and ready for summer however we can’t forget to prep beneath our skin as well. Most experts will suggest that drinking at least eight glasses of H20 a day may assist our skin in removing toxins, encouraging a more radiant glow. Keeping a water bottle in your bag, car or desk might incite you to drink more water and help your skin hydrate itself!

Seasonal Diet

I’m sure you’ve all hear the phrase ‘You are what you eat!’ and for good reason. Seasonal eating is all about eating the fruits and vegetables that are in season/ growing at the time and there are a few benefits to eating this way, aside from the fact that it is generally a more affordable way to eat because those items are less likely to be imported.

Our skin can benefit from eating seasonally by getting the different nutrients and antioxidants from the new in season ingredients. Additionally, in summer our skin is more likely exposed to light and sun rays so adding extra antioxidants in your diet may assist in maintaining or achieving healthy skin. Pineapples are a go-to summer fruit and are full of manganese and vitamin C which are two perfect ingredients our skin crave for in summer!


As we can all agree, after a bad night’s sleep we wake up not only feeling dull but our skin looks dull too. When our bodies struggle to sleep at night our cortisol levels increase which can result in inflammation and stress of our skin and body. Getting a good night’s rest give our bodies the time to renew themselves and relax. Our skin works over-time when we sleep as our bodies shoot up blood flow to our skin while we sleep – looks like a ‘beauty sleep’ really is necessary!


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