How to Shop Your Winter Essentials Without Breaking Your Bank Account

Chelsea Thomas is a bargain boss; obsessed with hunting down beautiful clothes, shoes, and accessories and styling those items with her current wardrobe.

For years, she spent her weekends filling online shopping carts with countless garments to get that luxe look for a whole lot less, and luckily for us she felt she just had to share that journey with other bargain lovers.

Chelsea has never been one to spend big on clothes, but that doesn’t mean she and her kids leave the house looking anything less than a million bucks. Her mission is to share her bargain destinations (both online and in the real world) and tips on how to style up a bargain outfit.

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Chelsea has partnered with Amazon Australia to share tips for looking fabulous and keeping cosy this winter all without breaking the bank.

Upcycle Your Summer Wardrobe For Winter

The cold snap has hit. To save precious pennies, upcycle your summer dresses and skirts by winterising your looks. Slip a long-sleeved skivvy under a singlet dress or add opaque tights or leggings to wear with your denim mini. Layering is a great way to look cool and slash your shopping budget.

Shop the Sale Section First

If you’re an avid online shopper, make sure you browse the sale section before the new arrivals. You may just find what you are looking for, and it’s on sale! This is a good habit to get into, if you’re wanting to save some serious dollars.

Wardrobe Swap

We’re all familiar with house share and home swaps so why not apply that same idea to your wardrobe? Call a bestie and swap a couple of your key winter wardrobe pieces so you have more options. You don’t spend a cent, and automatically extend your options. When you’ve had enough, swap back!

Slow Cookers Will Save You

Instead of purchasing take away and watching your savings dwindle, invest in a slow cooker or pressure cooker where you can make big batches of soups, roasts and long-lasting dishes, which freeze easily. This will not only be healthy for your bank account, but also your own health and wellness. Add plenty of in-season, winter vegetables for extra nourishment.

Affordable Pampering

We love a pamper session, especially in winter, when your skin can get dry from the increased use of heating. DIY your own pamper pack by adding peppermint leaves to boiled water for a cuppa and placing thick moisturiser on hands and feet (then wearing socks to bed) for ultra-soft skin. You can also create a face mask out of coconut oil and oatmeal. Super affordable and replenishing for the colder months.

Wear More Indoors

As well as investing in some luxe-for-less throw rugs, you could save a few bucks by rugging up indoors. Wear socks, and a beanie to keep the heat in.


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