Expert Tips On How to Slow Down and Relax

Have you noticed how fast the world is moving now? Maybe you feel you always have to do something and meet someone else’s demands and needs. This can be completely overwhelming and is often when people seek some time out with professional support team at a retreat such as Gwinganna.

We are becoming more accustomed to life at a very fast pace where everything must be done immediately, emails must be responded to instantly and no is a word that can bring enormous amounts of guilt.

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In this environment, time to breathe and keep perspective is ever more difficult.  You can feel powerless and truly caught in the cycle of ‘doing’. When this happens you can sometimes miss the passing parade of beauty and really feel over shadowed by the never-ending ‘to do’ list.

If we are constantly switched on, it can be more difficult to switch off. Pressing pause is the stepping stone. By pressing pause, you can reflect on your life. You can look at where you can create some more space, some more quiet. It’s vital you remember that you can be busy but be relaxed; you can be productive and not be stressed.

Pressing pause in our life to take care of ourselves is essential for health and vitality, which equates to quality of life. Maybe its about switching off your phone for a period of time or only checking emails and social media at set times. Maybe its abut choosing a retreat for your next holiday – somewhere that will support and nurture you. If we build ways to increase our resilience, we can cope better when things become too fast or difficult.

Here are some of the top tips from the team at Gwinganna on how to slow down and relax:

– Practise and use relaxed belly breathing as much as you can. This can help slow things down and calm the adrenal response. Incorporate this simple technique a few times each day and you’ll start to feel the difference immediately

– Make quality time with yourself. Do the things that you love and that ‘balance’ you

– Your most important meeting each day is when you get home at night.  ‘Be’ home with your family and connect deeply with your self

– Cultivate gratitude for what you have, rather than always wanting what you do not have. Before you go to sleep, spend just a few moments reflecting and being grateful for those things in your day that brought you joy, no matter how small or insignificant they may seem.

– Get plenty of rest each day to restore your body

– Laugh and play more

– Try and keep your life simple, and create space where possible

– Have a massage regularly

– Learn how to let go, be vulnerable and surrender to life at times

– Visit nature as often as you can whether it’s a park, the beach or something such as a bushwalk.

– Rethink challenging situations and consider alternative perspectives

– Remember and remind yourself – you are not your mind. Our mind is a tool that we can change and control with practice

– A focused intention will shift your belief about who you really are and what you can and cannot cope with in life.


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