How To Turn Your Passion Into A Business

The saying “find a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life” might be the biggest cliche career quote we have all ever heard, but as much as the saying might make your eyes roll to the back of your head, it’s true. If you find a job you love, you’ll never look back. Founder of Crave New Media, Jessica Koncz shares her tips on how you can turn your passion into a business.

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I was 21 and a little unsure of my career direction while I was working part-time in hospitality. What I did know is that I loved two things, going out for brunch and posting photos on Instagram. Every weekend I would go to a new cafe and snap a picture of my breakfast to let all my friends know what I was eating and where. Soon I was friends with the cafe owners and from there, my relationships formed with the best in the hospitality business.

Back then, social media was a second-hand tool for businesses, but when I started having conversations with business owners they started to realise the power that a good Instagram photo or feed could do for their cafe’s and restaurants. There was no one doing social media consultancy for the small businesses that needed it. It was an untapped market, and so I started telling businesses they needed social media. Not long later I had a social media business.

Creating and staying in a business you love can be a hard task, so here’s some tips on how to do it right:

1. Create personal relationships

If you are thinking of starting a business it’s important you create personal relationships with business owners and people in the community. While your target may be to get business owners on board, the best tool is word of mouth and if you create a reputable name for yourself, the business will come. When starting a business and maintaining a stream of work it’s incredibly important to create value-adds for your clients and any potential business. Make time for coffee dates with prospect new business and take the time to reach out to your present clients.

2. Know your passion

If you do not know your passion then you cannot sell your business. Make a strategic plan as to how your business reflects your passions. What is it that makes you most interested in what you do? Is it the actual job? Is it how you perform the job? It is the people you get to connect with? When you are trying to establish a business you want to be able to tell people why you do it. So know your why. 

3. Understand your audience or client

If you run a clothing store you should know your demographic. If you own a cafe, you should know your regulars. When you own an agency, you should know your client’s message. Take the time to understand each person or client that you are interacting with. While working in a business that is your passion you should make time to invest in understanding each and every part of it. Longevity comes from strong decisions, and understanding those who come to use your services (or drink your coffee) is important!

4. Be willing to work hard

Talent without working hard is nothing. So while you may dream of a 9 till 5 lifestyle, the reality is that for a lot us that is not going to happen and building a business is hard work. Starting a business is not a walk in the park, even if it is doing something that you love. Don’t forget to lean on others if you need. The term hustle is real, so do it.


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