How You Can Turn Your Fear Into Fuel

How aware are you of your fears? What paralyses you? What affects you? What stops you? What holds you back in your life? Mariano Godoy, Access Consciousness Facilitator in Spain, specialising in Right Voice for You shares how you can maximise the fear in you and use it to your advantage.

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I am sure you can relate to this through your own life experiences: every time you have had to speak in public and your voice shook, every time you wanted to tell someone that you loved them and your legs turned to jelly or your stomach started doing somersaults, every time that you wanted to ask for a raise, tell someone to leave you alone, jump off a diving board, try something new and challenging, get married, have a baby, start your own business – the list goes on.

Each and every one of those experiences reaffirmed your belief in a “truth” you have learned from somewhere: “You are afraid”.

But is this real? Where did you learn that saying “I love you” was something to be afraid of? When did you learn that trying something new was something to fear?

Fear is not what it seems. After many years of soul-searching and working with students and clients, I finally realised that fear, anxiety and angst are not real. They are simply screens or, to put it in a better way, the wrapping paper that conceals a gift.

When confronted with any of the aforementioned situations, or any other scenario that triggers fear, anxiety or angst, you are sure to exhibit all the classic signs: nervousness, cold sweats, trembling, dry mouth, cowering, tension through your whole body, blurred vision and lots more.

Now, when these signs appear, or before they do, I’m going to ask you to do the unthinkable. I’m going to ask you not to try to control them any longer. That’s right: no more.

You have been fighting with all your being so that no one notices them, or so that you yourself don’t notice them. That’s enough. It’s now time to immerse yourself in your feelings. Instead of fighting against the current, let it carry you.

This may seem a little crazy, but it works. Have you already tried lots of different things without success? Then give this a go.

Don’t resist it any longer; loosen the control that you try to exert over your feelings, let up and let yourself expand like a balloon. Try to make yourself a little bigger each time, providing space for the feelings within you.

If you start trembling, allow the trembling to continue as you expand, creating more space for it within you. If you feel nervous, expand, allowing the feeling to intensify while creating more space for it within you.

I know this sounds strange. But when you do it you may notice a number of things:

– You are much greater than you think you are.
– Your feelings may fade partially or completely if you give them space and do not repress them.
– This is a much better way of “controlling” your fear.
– You are also sure to notice increased self-confidence.
– You will have more energy.
– Growing or irresistible enthusiasm.

What is the reason for this?

In my opinion, fear, together with its relatives worry and anxiety, are simply resistance to the gifts that is available to us. A gift of great energy, potency, clarity, determination, creation and power.

What would your life be like if you no longer believed that you were afraid, and you opened up to experiencing everything hidden behind what you called fear?

One question that you could ask yourself when you feel afraid is: if this were not fear, what would it be?

It is at this moment that the fog will start to lift, and you can open yourself up to receiving all the fabulous gifts that were hidden behind the word fear.


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