Improve your health and even your career with wellness advice from the experts at Six Senses Destination Spa, Phuket, Thailand

By Bryan Hoare, from the Six Senses Destination Spa, Phuket, Thailand
Bryan reminds us of the importance of the Six Senses Wellness Checklist. We recommend that you take up the challenge and see whether areas of your life require more balance.
You may remember the blog where we asked if you are truly well – or totally well. This applies to anyone including corporate high-achievers and you may remember that this total wellness comprises more than just good looks and a toned body. It includes the physical appearance just as much as the ability to manage stress, grow intellectually, eat well and the right things, be socially aware and integrated, and find emotional and spiritual harmony.
Most organisations have a very long way to go to reach this level of total wellness as a company and provide a true wellness-inspired and inspiring environment to their workforce. However as an individual, you may want to start looking after your health and wellness early and adjust your lifestyle in those areas where balance is not yet present.
Here is what all the areas of wellness entail:
1. Physical Wellness
– A pleasant appearance.
– High fat free body mass.
– Dietary balance, low toxicity levels and nutritional excellence.
– Cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, muscular balance and functional strength.
– Pain and disease free.
2. Stress Management 
– Balance of play and work (work / life balance).
– Breathing properly (taking 3 deep breaths every now and then and when you feel truly stressed).
– Exercising regularly.
– Finding a way to regularly relax, e.g yoga, meditation, chi gong
– Sleeping early (ideally not after 11 pm) and enough (7 hours+).
3. Educational Wellness
– Advancing intellectually.
– Becoming aware of how our body works and creating positive life changes.
– Learning new things and skills.
4. Nutritional Wellness 
– Eating well-balanced meals at regular times and not too late at night.
– Practicing moderation.
– Seeking natural / organic, seasonal and local produce.
– Avoiding highly processed and refined foods.
– Being aware of hidden calories (e.g creamy salad dressing)
5. Social Wellness
– Communication and Intimacy.
– Awareness of self.
– Having a sense of belonging to formal and informal groups.
– Interaction with cultural surroundings.
– Respect for self, for others and for the earth.
6. Emotional Wellness
– Feeling self responsibility.
– Satisfying relationships – professional, social, personal.
– Intimate companionship.
– Happiness and enjoyment of life,
– Liberated from stress, or able to manage stress.


7. Spiritual Wellness

– Finding meaning and motivation.
– Understanding where your motivations come from – listening to your “inner voice”.
– Transcending.
– Integrating beliefs and values with actions.
– Know thyself, be thyself.

If you now notice that you need guidance in one or the other area, look for guiding literature on lifestyle changes, or better “learn by doing” and book into a holiday with one of the top Destination Spas of this world, like the Six Senses Destination Spa Phuket.

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