Interior Decorating Tips for Spring

Spring has well and truly arrived. As we welcome the warmer weather, the sense of renewed energy makes us want to rejuvenate our wardrobes, our beauty regime, and our home. We all know our surroundings impact us psychologically so a few small interior decorating changes can mean big benefits when it comes to you and your family’s wellbeing.

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Kathy Collins, co-owner of boutique design firm Urban Splash, has given us some tips on how we can breathe new life into our homes without breaking the bank.

Update window treatments

Old curtains and blinds can make a room appear drab and monotonous. Window treatments are relatively simple to change. New blinds, shades, or curtains can brighten up a room, highlight views, and help you control lighting and ambience.

Discover natural light

Natural light makes a space look and feel more spacious but it’s not just about your window areas.

Consider installing skylights, exchanging narrow wooden doors for sliding glass doors, or mirrors positioned to bounce light around the house.

Make the most of your outdoor spaces

Expand your existing outdoor spaces. Whether it’s a deck, patio, sunroom, outdoor kitchen, or pergola, there are plenty of different options for entertaining and relaxing outdoors during the warmer months.

Refresh your kitchen space

Major kitchen renovations can be costly but a few small changes here and there can give this much-used space new life. Try updating blinds or curtains for an instant refresh. Bright canisters for tea and coffee can add a welcome splash of colour to bench tops.
Repainting or replacing cabinet doors are also relatively easy ways to brighten up the space.

Change your tapware

Over time, taps can become loose and leaky, affecting the look of your kitchen and bathroom spaces. Luckily, they are easy to change and a sparkling new set of taps can give your sink areas an instant lift.

The little things

In the living room, adding throws, cushions and floor rugs in the latest spring colours and trendy patterns can help banish the last of the winter blues.

When it comes to the bedroom, try new linen in a bright and beautiful colour, and perhaps a lamp or candleholders to add some ambiance.

Neon revival

Neon is on trend in fashion, accessories and homewares this season. Invest in one piece of neon furniture for an instant update, or consider throw blankets, wall art or home accessories in neon hues.

If you’d prefer a slick of paint, try a neon door or accent wall.

Whatever you’re doing with neon, just remember to tone it down in the rest of the room by using plenty of balancing neutrals.


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