Ironwoman Candice Falzon Talks Body Image, Training Routine, and Diet

Candice Falzon was, at just 14, the youngest ever professional Ironwoman. By 16, she had become an Ironwoman champion, and has competed successfully in Australian Surf Lifesaving titles since.

As an Ironwoman, surf lifesaver and model, staying fit is part of her job description! Its also one of the many reasons she is acting as an Ambassador for the Cancer Council’s City Mile Dash, due to be held at Barangaroo this Friday 14th June. It’s all about fun and exercise- plus it’s a great excuse to get out of the office for the afternoon!

Candice shared her top tips for staying fit and healthy over Winter, and her support for the City Mile Dash with RESCU;

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RESCU: Tell us a little about your normal training routine and diet.
Candice Falzon: 
I start my day with two pieces of toast before going swimming. Generally soy & linseed or another grain type bread. I swim from 5-7am and do about 6kms. After my swim I like to have a protein shake then for breakfast I’ll have a tub of yogurt with muesli (one with not much sugar) and fresh fruit. Later in the morning I will go for a run, do sprints or hit the gym for about 45minutes. For lunch I like to have a salad with chicken or fish or I might have a salad sandwich. And then in the afternoon I head to the beach where I train on the surf ski. Dinner is steamed veggies with a lean meat or fish. Throughout the day I snack on nuts and dried fruit. I stick to this routine Monday – Saturday and then Sunday I take it a bit easier.

RESCU: Does your training routine or diet change at all during winter?
Candice Falzon: 
Actually most of my training needs to be done in Winter to prepare myself for the Summer competitions so in Winter I am training longer distances and building my endurance so that I have a strong base for the Summer comps.

RESCU: How do you stay motivated when it’s cold and dark out?
Candice Falzon: 
As sport is my career and Winter is my preseason training time I have to stay motivated and focused even when I may rather be in bed still. I make goals for myself and ensure I stick to them while also looking and working towards the Summer season where I need to be ready to compete.

RESCU: You’re a model and athlete so there is bound to be a lot of focus and scrutiny on your body. How do you keep things in perspective, stay confident and ensure you are as healthy mentally as you are physically?
Candice Falzon: Any modelling I do is always related to sport in some way so I’m not too concerned about my body shape. I keep things in perspective and look at my body as my engine – sport comes first to me so I do what I need to do to keep my body ready for sport. Mental health is really important and I think rest is the key to maintaining good mental and physical health. When you’re young you can think you’re invincible but it’s important to remember that you will burn out so you need to have a good balance in life. A balance of training, resting and socialising is key. Having a good support network of great friends behind you is also really important.

RESCU: What are your top three tips for women looking to get fit this winter?
Candice Falzon:
– Train early and get it out of the way so that at night when you finish work and its dark and cold you can just go home and relax.
– In winter we tend to eat heavier meals but sometimes there’s nothing better than a healthy soup to warm you up.
– Rug up and get outside! Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t me you can’t go out – find some warm comfy clothes you can exercise in and visit your local park or go for a walk or run around the neighbourhood.

RESCU: And finally, can you tell us a little about what the next year has in store for you?
Candice Falzon:
Over the next year I plan to train hard for next season and focus on sport. However I do have another really exciting venture that’s happening on the side – I will be launching my own swimwear range so that’s something new for me. It will be released later this year.

RESCU: You’re an ambassador for the City Mile Dash, can you tell us a little about what you like about the event?
Candice Falzon: 
What I like most about Cancer Council’s City Mile Dash event is that it’s an event that everyone can get involved in and it’s a lot of fun! It’s a great opportunity to get out of the office at lunch, have some fun with your friends while also contributing to an amazing cause.

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