Natures Natural Solutions to Keep the Fat Away

Fiona Tuck

Nutrition Expert

Natural fat metabolisers, surely there can’t be such a thing… Put down the scalpel, turn off the lipo machine and get out those skinny jeans. Here are some of natures natural solutions to help you keep the fat away.

Fat metabolising is a process that breaks down the fats we eat into fatty acids and glycerol which can then be broken down further in the body and used for energy. This metabolic process can be aided by the foods we eat.

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Monounsaturated Fatty Acids

Have fat to reduce fat?? olives, oils, seeds and nuts are all monounsaturated fatty acids which aid in nervous system function, absorption of nutrients, blood pressure and they also help prevent the fat that accumulates around the belly

Spicy Food

Thermogenic spices produce heat with in the body and speed up the metabolising process. Typical spices that help in fat absorption are:

Cayenne Pepper
Black Pepper


Herbs like spices can be thermogenic, look for:


High Protein Foods

Foods rich in protein boost metabolism and decrease appetite. High protein foods that are especially good for fat metabolism:

Eggs, also rich in vitamin B12 which helps break down fat.
Oatmeal, as well as being high in protein is high dietary fibre which regulates blood sugar.

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Green Tea

Another thermogenic food, green tea is seen to aid fat metabolism. This metabolism process is also helped by the caffeine content in green tea.


Drinking water regulates and suppress appetite and is imperative in the proper functioning of the kidneys. If the kidneys are not working properly then some of the detoxing load is moved to the liver reducing the liver’s capacity to properly metabolise fat, one of its primary functions.

As with all things there must be balance, diet and exercise. There is no magic pill to long term weight loss but nature has provided us some foods that can help.

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