Is Your Pet Too Emotional?

Simonne Lee

Life Strategist

How we love our pets has changed quite dramatically and so has our expectations of them in the home. They are best friend, child, sibling and for some, soul mate. The animal role (or job as I like to say) in the family has definitely increased as our lives have gotten busier and busier. As an Animal Communicator, Energy Healer, Life Strategist and Psychometric Reader, I’ve witnessed this evolution firsthand.

For some there is right and wrong method of how an animal should be treated and how to structure or not structure the home life. I personally have found there is no need to question what a pet represents to their owner and family but to work within the individual dynamics the family has placed on their beloved pet. In my world it’s simple, if it’s working and there’s harmony and balance – keep it. If there is an issue or not all members (yes including the pet) are happy – then things need to change. I like to tweak things myself, shake it off (no I’m not a Taylor Swift fan either).


So what is an emotional pet?

Our pets have such big personalities and within the home are super expressive. I’ve mentioned in my previous blogs that my cat Cubby use to give me ‘the paw’ or as some call it ‘tude’. Being expressive is different to being emotional. So when we have a conversation with another person, the words and language style we choose to communicate is our own expression. The energy behind what we say is our emotion. You can always tell when someone gets passionate about a topic – his or her hands start moving, voice volume may increase and the energy behind what’s being said is strong and perhaps intense. My cat Nero is very expressive, always meowing and telling me stuff about his day etc however his energy (emotion) behind it is usually calm – unless I’m not listening and then his energy will become more intense. This is when I have a giggle to myself – seriously, who gets in trouble from ignoring their cat’s daily adventures? Yep that’s me!

An emotional pet just might be part of your pet’s personality, which is totally fine. It’s when their emotions become unbalanced and your pet begins to be too emotional, that it needs to be addressed. Some signs that your pet is becoming too emotional are:

– Peeing in the wrong places

– Becoming more aggressive

– Needy and being more vocal

– Won’t leave you alone

– Becoming anti social with people and other animals

– Stops interacting with you

– Change in their eating habits

All of the above could also be from your pet being unwell and this is when I would definitely recommend seeing your vet.

Most owners will contact myself, an Animal Communicator to find out what’s going on in their pets life for these changes to occur. Which is definitely a great place to start; however part of my role is to let the owners know that animals reflect a side of us that is out of equilibrium. We may not be aware of it (it can be an underlying current within us) or we may consciously be aware of the stress that we’ve entered for a period of time. Our beloved pet is engaging in the silent energy exchange of these emotions that we’re expressing and responding in their manner. It’s part of life to experience stress but how we manage it is a direct result of how our animals are responding to us. In other words, our precious pets keep us in check with our own emotions – being more mindful in what we silently emote through our energy.

If your pet is or becoming too emotional, check in with yourself first and see what’s happening in your own private (but not so private to your pets) world.

1. Check in and see if where you are at

– Where is your mind e.g. worrying about something in the future

– What you’re feeling emotionally

– Feeling physically e.g. any tightness in the body

2. Centre yourself  – Simply by breathing consciously

– Let your mind follow your slow, easy breaths in and out

– Observe what you feel emotionally

– Observe what you feel physically

3. Once you are aware of all of the above – connect with your pet

– Practice this a few times

– Observe the difference in how your pet responds

– Observe how you feel when connecting to your pet in this centred state

After all, if we’re stressed, we’re not connecting to ourselves consciously. If we’re not connecting to ourselves, there is no way for our pets to connect with us. My motto us pet owners is ‘animals in our lives, remind us to connect from the heart every, single, day’.


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