Jayson Brunsdon’s top 10 elegance tips

By Jayson Brunsdon 


If there is one man who knows about the power of elegance it’s Jayson Brunsdon. He’s worked with the likes of the late Audrey Hepburn, dressed royalty, and is the go-to designer for lady-like chic.

From Miss Universe to the Masters of the Universe, Jayson Brunsdon’s the man they have on speed dial. So what does he think it takes to be elegant?

Jayson Brundson’s top 10 mantras on elegance

 1. Elegance is refusal. Be disciplined and austere.

2. Choose clothes that give you the ‘gesture’ of a great face-framing collar, turned up cuff and sashed waist.

3. Don’t be a slave to trends, create your own.

4. Never be too ‘done’ or polished, it’s too strict.

5. Consider the importance of a certain degree of dishevelment, or as they say in Paris, deshabille. Imperfection is divine!

6. Add a touch of dirty irreverence to your look. Don’t have your hair too shiny and smooth, keep it I’ve-just-run-my-hands-through-it undone.

7. Simplicity is key.

8. Quality of fabric and construction is far more elegant than having too much of everything. Three beautiful black dresses are better than ten average ones.

9. When selecting a bag go straight to Hermes. Forget about ‘the look’ for the season. A Hermes Birkin bag will always be stylish.

10. Remember to express yourself through the introduction of something that says you. Whether it be a crazy shoe or an eccentric necklace. Individuality is the essence of elegance.

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