Nine Ideas For Adding A Little Spice To Date Night

Whether you’ve been with your partner for a while or are just getting started, RESCU’s got the va-va-voom ideas you need for date night.

If you’re more in the mood for a sensual evening than boring old roses and dinner for two, listen up.

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Here are nine sexy date ideas – lack of cheesiness guaranteed.

1. A Rocky Horror Picture Show midnight screening.

It’s sexy, shocking, hilarious and fantastic fun. If you’re in the mood, dress up in character and lose your inhibitions.

Rocky Horror not your style? Any late night movie screening is an alternative – behave just enough not to disrupt the film.

2. Finger food.

Remember your mother yelling ‘don’t eat with your fingers? Disregard that advice.

Seek out a place that does fondue, traditional or chocolate; feed one another oysters and seafood; or get sloppy in the kitchen with chicken wings and sticky sauce. Finger-licking definitely encouraged.

3. Take in a burlesque show.

It’s far sexier and classier than a strip club – and you might learn a few tricks about elaborate, theatrical striptease to take home.

4. A foreign film festival.

Yes, it’s mostly the domain of try-hard theatre majors trying to impress girls in berets, but even the most apparently staid of film festivals (Denmark, anybody?) generally has a brilliantly sexy offering in the repertoire.

French and Italian festivals are obvious contenders – and the tickets are often cheap.

5. Wine tasting.

This is largely for people who want to pretend they’re grown-ups. If that isn’t you – or the thought of wine talk turns you off – stay away.

Still, you spend the night among beautiful, heady scents and tastes, using your tongue. It’s hard not to be stimulated in all the right ways.

6. Blanket forts.

This is NOT for people who want to pretend they’re grown-ups.

Of course, what you do once you’re inside the fort can be decidedly non-PG13.

7. Massages.

If you don’t incorporate this into your routine already, shame on you.

Spend an evening in with a Lush massage bar (my personal favourite is Mange Too) and some soothing music, working out the knots in one another’s backs. It’s sexy, intimate, and relaxing – and happy endings are encouraged.

8. Skinny dipping

For those of you who like a rush – find a secluded spot on a dark night and go for a naughty bathe.

Please beware of currents, sharks, rocks, and intoxication – idiocy is not sexy.

9. Hellfire

This is one seriously sexy date – and is only for a select crowd. Latex, whipping and St Andrews Crosses your thing? You might have found your spiritual home.

If you’d like to check it out, head over to Hellfire (NSFW) and look for the next club night. Dress appropriately – and come with an open mind…

Lady Friday xx
Taking the pillow talk out of the bedroom, every Friday…


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