5 Life Admin Tasks That Will Future-Proof Your Life

Sorting out life admin can feel like a mundane task that many of us put off to another day. But with many of our general activities postponed, there is no better time to get stuck into that list.

To figure out what matters most, we chatted with expert psychologist Sabina Read on her tips to getting on top of admin tasks whilst in isolation.

Find out why money matters

Having a good understanding of your spending patterns is a great way to get on top of bills and not let the idea of finances overwhelm you at this time. Our attitudes towards finances are learned, which means any unhelpful habits can also be unlearned.

A good place to start identifying unhealthy financial habits is making sense of what money represents to you, and what emotions come up when you think about money, spending and saving. Identify which financial behaviours are creating difficulties and identify even small choices that will bring new outcomes. This may mean getting rid of credit cards that aren’t necessary or talking about your financial goals with a trusted friend to hold yourself accountable.

Not only will keeping track of your finances help you with budgeting and maximising your savings, but it will also lay a more positive foundation ahead for future financial decisions.

Ensure your will is up to date

The idea of writing a will may not seem like an urgent task, yet it is probably one of the most important actions to safeguard your loved ones and assets. More than half of Australian adults (52%) do not have a will, meaning there are potentially millions of parents who have not decided on the guardian of their children; or assets to distribute, to protect loved ones when they have passed.[1]

Will writing can often feel like a complicated and expensive process, that involves multiple trips to a solicitor for a large fee. Luckily, there are online tools and resources, like Aussie start-up Safewill, where you can easily create a bespoke will online, and it usually takes just 20 minutes to complete. Having a will available within 1-2 business days at a fraction of the cost to visiting a solicitor can give you peace of mind in a stressful period.

Declutter your home

More mess equals more stress, which is something we don’t need during already uncertain times. Find a place for your clutter by filing papers and items to a permanent home; and discarding items you no longer need. Keeping items out of sight in drawers rather than open shelves will give a tidy appearance and help not to overload our already overloaded senses.

If you are working remotely, a great way to feel less overwhelmed is to clean up your desk space or the area that you work in. You don’t have to go to Marie Kondo extremes to tidy your place, but having an organised working environment will help bring a sense of calm and normality to working from home every day. Opting for a ‘digital declutter’ by unsubscribing from unwanted emails can also help minimise the noise of your inbox.

Allocate time for Self-Care

This period has signalled a new routine for almost all of us. Those who are working remotely have likely found they feel a non-stop connection to work and trouble disconnecting from a pile-up of daily emails and demands. Checking in with ourselves is paramount to ensuring we don’t burn out.

Remembering to do something for yourself everyday goes a long way. We each have our unique rituals that help us feel better, whether it is having a daily morning walk or relaxing in an evening bath, but no one can help us to honour our much needed self-care rituals better than yours truly!

Stay connected

This phase of social distancing is revealing challenges for everyone. As innately social beings, we need to be connected with each other. Regardless of whether we find ourselves in isolated conditions, it’s our responsibility to maintain connection with loved ones and people who will up out cup.

Make an effort to reach out or schedule time to speak with a loved one or close friend at least once a day. Technology is enormously helpful in helping us keep in touch. Using video technology and seeing someone’s facial expressions is hugely helpful to increase our sense of connection.

[1] https://www.finder.com.au/press-release-oct-2018-10-million-australians-dont-have-a-will

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