May Horoscopes: Astrology Report from Yasmin Boland

Yasmin Boland

Astrology Expert

This month brings a rare Venus retrograde. You have probably heard of Mercury retrograde (hey, I wrote a whole book about it which you can read all about at

This is quite different. For one thing, Mercury is all about communications, whereas Venus is all about love and abundance. For another, Mercury retrograde happens up to four times a year whereas Venus retrograde only happens once every 18 months. So it’s a much rarer cycle and definitely worth paying attention to.

Before we go into what it means for everyone, let’s take a look at it overall.

When you think of Venus, think of Venus Aphrodite, the great and beautiful Goddess. Venus is charming and graceful and also loves to be pampered as much as possible. We all have Venus in our chart somewhere – if you want to find yours out, cast your chart for free anywhere on the internet.

If you wanted to be a bit fanciful, you could say that when Venus is moving forwards, she sprinkles a bit of magical fairy dust as she goes. She brings love to the top of your agenda – even if that means you end up realising that in fact, your love life is lacking!

She is all about what and who you love and what you hold dear – what you value.

When she is retrograding, as she is doing this month, you get a second chance to reconsider who and what you value. Perhaps you’ve been taking your partner for granted for example. Venus retrograde could trigger events that make you ask yourself if you should be holding this person closer to your heart – or perhaps the love has run out? Because Venus is about love and relationships, when she is retrograding, she can also bring second chances in love, especially if she happens to be retrograding in your 7th House of love or over your natal Venus (you would need to see an astrologer to find this out.)

Venus retrograde can also mean that the money you want is delayed. Sorry about that. However, there is another possibility too – it can be the time when you get money that was owed to you or even when you finally monetise an idea you had ages ago. Certainly, there are second chances to do with cash. Also, it’s time to re-evaluate EVERYTHING. What it means for you personally depends on your star sign and Rising Sign. I would strongly suggest that if you know your Rising Sign, you read that this month as well because if Venus is hitting your chart strongly, then it will be mentioned in your horoscope.

Venus retrograde starts on May 13 and ends on June 25.

What about the Moon? The May 7 Full Moon is in the sign of Scorpio, so it’s a great time to move past any grudges you’ve been holding on to. Grudges are literally toxic energy which blocks your ability to successfully manifest your dreams so let all the $£*! go! 

The May 23 New Moon in Gemini is a wonderful time to think about … what you’re thinking about. It sounds a bit meta but if you know, for example, you focus on the negative and terrorise yourself with your thoughts, set your intentions around the time of the New Moon so be kinder to yourself. 
Remember, you can make up to ten New Moon wishes!
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