Blogger Nikki Phillips On Achieving The Perfect Pregnancy Glow

Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger Nikki Phillips talked to RESCU about her pregnancy journey, how she gets and keeps her mega watt glow and lessons she’s learned about finding balance.


RESCU: This is a very exciting time for you, can you tell us when you found out you were pregnant?

Nikki Phillips: The journey has been two years in the making. This is the fourth pregnancy. We found out we were pregnant with this one after Melbourne Cup. I’d just been through that craziness, and it was right before Christmas as well. My family was coming up so it was actually a really beautiful time.

We found out the sex of the baby in January, which was even more exciting. With this one it was highs and lows because you’re kind of like, we’re going through it again… In saying that all the processes we’ve been through have been the most amazing journeys ever.

RESCU: Everyone looks at people who are in public profile and in the spotlight, particularly beautiful women, like they have it all!

Nikki Phillips: Yeah, and life’s so easy. That’s exactly why I have been outspoken about my pregnancy process.

RESCU: Someone like you who has been in the public spotlight since you were so young, your wedding was a fairytale wedding; your relationship is a fairytale relationship. I think it’s really important for people to know, this is normal. It’s the new norm.

It’s devastating for everyone. I’d really love you to share what made you think, I’m still going to persevere. I’m still going to have my career but I still really want a family. What was the process in your head?

Nikki Phillips: Once you delve into the whole world of pregnancy you realise how hard it actually is. From IVF to Ectopic pregnancy to miscarriages, everything that happens is so hard on relationships and business too, because I’m still trying to work and put on a brave face.

RESCU: I remember you after one of your miscarriages being a puma ambassador and just thinking to myself, my god! She just pulls up.

Nikki Phillips: Yeah, I mean miscarriages are so common and lots of people go through them. We only talk about the amazing things that happen. I think, fair enough, I’ve had some incredible things happen to me but at the same time I remember going through my first miscarriage and being so bitter on social media, thinking look how easy they have it, seeing all the women that were pregnant. It’s because nobody shares the bad things and people that I was looking at had troubles themselves.

So, I think because of that I wanted to be really open about my journey and hopefully help people that are going through similar situations by showing that everyone goes through troubles and it’s hard for everyone and you have to work on your relationships through it because emotionally and mentally miscarriages are terrifying, and they are hard on relationships.

I think that was the main reason about being outspoken but at the same time being very careful about how outspoken I am and making sure that it’s through all my private channels. There are people out there that will think, oh she’s doing it for media, or she’s doing it for money, and that’s fine. With social media these days everyone can have an opinion and everyone has the right to an opinion. I think for me, to protect myself after everything we’ve been through, I just wanted to share it through my own channels so it was more personal.

RESCU: How have you changed your lifestyle since you became pregnant? Are you more careful?

Nikki Phillips: Yeah 100%. You are so aware of this little amazing being growing inside of you, and I definitely am aware because he kicks me all the time, so he’s definitely making himself known to me!

From the products I use on my face, I never thought I would be that person, I never read labels. The moment I got pregnant I became aware and I was like, I need to put the most natural things on my skin because that gets absorbed and that could affect him. So the relationship with Clinelle came at the perfect timing.

When it came to food, I love food! I’m a vegetarian so I’ve always been aware of what I put in my body but now, I’m like I have to make sure I get my fruit and vegetables every day. It’s not for me it’s for him! Don’t get me wrong there’s definitely those sugar cravings though…

RESCU: You look absolutely incredible and you don’t look like you’re puffy or anything.

Nikki Phillips: I’m still working out, that’s the main thing.

RESCU: What are you doing?

Nikki Phillips: I’m still working out with my personal trainer twice a week, and then I’ve got two staffies so they walk me everyday, make sure I get about 5-6km of exercise. I think that was the most important thing for me because fitness has always been a big part of my life and I really wanted to maintain that. In saying that, my fitness has changed. My personal training sessions aren’t what they used to be.

RESCU: Yeah, obviously the trainer would be very careful.

Nikki Phillips: Yeah, but I’m really enjoying still training and doing all of that. Obviously I’m eating more than I normally eat so for me it’s finding that nice balance.

RESCU: What have you done to tweak your diet? What’s your day on a plate?

Nikki Phillips: I wake up and either have scrambled eggs on toast with avocado, (obsessed with avocado!) Or I’ll have Nutrigrain with kiwi fruit, strawberry and banana.

Then, I will do some exercise and come home, and use my NutriBullet. Usually it’s spinach, banana, honey, chia seeds, avocado and something else.

Lunch is a tuna salad, or a wrap or sandwich.

Afternoon snacks is either fruit or nuts, or yesterday it was a packet of walnuts and jellies, there may have been some chocolates too… So the afternoon it really depends on how I’m feeling.

Dinner I’m craving salads and fruits, and being a vegetarian I try and incorporate lots of iron. So, I do tuna or tofu stir fry or something like that.

Again, I just eat what I crave. Obviously in moderation, I’m not going to sit there and eat the whole packet of everything but I allow myself to eat whatever, just in moderation.

RESCU: How have you noticed your body change? What have been the beauty benefits of pregnancy?

Nikki Phillips: To be honest, with one of my prior pregnancies my skin went so bad, it ended up being like acne all over my face it was bizarre. I’m so thankful that with this pregnancy my skin has been incredible.

Again, and I’m not just saying this, I think it’s because of the massive change in my lifestyle. I’m more aware of everything I’m putting on my skin and I think the all-natural approach and being fragrance free has really helped.

RESCU: Clinelle is a beautiful brand! It’s really hydrating,

Nikki Phillips: Exactly, that’s what I need. My skin has been so dehydrated during this pregnancy; I think using their products has been so beneficial for it.

RESCU: Don’t you think it’s amazing that we live in a day and age where you get a cosmetic contract during a pregnancy? Isn’t that a beautiful thing!

Nikki Phillips: I know it’s something I never would have thought of. When Clinelle came about I was like well surely that’s not going to work.

They were like we love the fact that you’re pregnant and our product actually benefits that. I said sign me up!

RESCU: How do you pick people you partner with?

Nikki Phillips: Very carefully.

RESCU: With a lot of influencers there’s a perception that everything is a façade, but I know the longevity of your career. You were kind of an influencer before there was the word influencer.

Nikki Phillips: If I could tell you how many offers get put on the table per week to my manager… I’m a very natural and organic person. To push a product I actually have to like it. I get the social influencer lifestyle that’s happening at the moment but that’s not me. If there’s an outfit I like, I’ve gone and bought that outfit.

My blog is written by me, everything is 100% me. I am very picky and before I got on board with Clinelle I asked for all the products to try for a month before even signing.

That was important for me, I was going through this new pregnancy and my skin was a little bit more sensitive than normal so I needed to be careful. I read up on it, did my research and saw benefits from using it at a time where I shouldn’t be seeing benefits and thought, this is amazing.

RESCU: Do you have a favorite product?

Nikki Phillips: My top 3 are the Blemish Clear Pimple Cream, that has been a lifesaver for me.

The Pureswiss Hydracalm Cream, It’s so good under makeup, it gives you an incredible glow.

Then, I use the Cleanser everyday but the Sleeping Mask. I’m not a mask person usually…

RESCU: Instead of night cream?

Nikki Phillips: Yeah, I just load that on and then fall asleep and it will come off while you sleep. For someone that’s a simple person I think, you can’t get any easier than that!

RESCU: You look gorgeous! I’m really happy for you.

Nikki Phillips: Thank you!


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