How To: Change Up Your Office Beauty Look

Michael Brown

Beauty Expert

We can all get stuck in a bit of a rut…Wake up, work, and home on repeat! Some of us chuck in a gym session, one may go to dinner, but the Monday to Friday working week blues can come into play.

So, why not jazz it up a bit by adding a few new makeup shades, techniques or products to your daily routine, you look good, you feel good – I got time for that! I’m sure all of us see trends in beauty without even knowing it… Simply seeing the news with a celebrity in it, or reading the paper or spotting the cover of a magazine can show certain looks that we take note of without always knowing.

We may not want to admit that we follow trends, but we all do in some way, although obviously some more than others. We all take note of someone that looks good, it might be a mental note, or you might think, ‘I wonder where she got that from’ or, ‘I love that lip colour’, either way it is a note that when out shopping next, that person may just pop up in your thoughts when purchasing and you may start leaning towards a certain new product that was influenced by that person.

We spend so much time in the workplace, that if the environment is one of flat, low maintenance fashion and beauty, everyone seems to follow suit.

I remember at an office I previously worked in, none of the men wore ties… Then a new, younger guy started who was always dressed impeccably, who wore a tie everyday. The next few months saw one, then two, and then four of the guys in the office wore ties.

MB Pro Tip: It takes one person to raise the level of beauty in the workplace and amongst friends. If you want to upgrade or vamp up your look, start with one or two new tricks rather than going all out too soon!

The Bold Lip Trend

You can have the most natural complexion, with a little contour under cheekbones and around the eye, add a dash of mascara and a seasonal shade of Red Lip and you are looking fab!

officemakeup1Image via pinterest 

Reds come in cool and warm shades – I would be more inclined to go the cooler reds to an olive/yellow base skin tone and the warmer shades to the fair, pink base skin tone.
A bold lip in any shade, but red for this season especially can be that one product that can take your look from drab to fab in seconds – also great to apply at work if rushing off to a meeting or drinks.

You will be surprised how many others start slowly wearing bold lips around the office; it only takes one to start upgrading their look for others to catch on.
They want to get noticed and look pretty too!

MB Pro Tip: It’s great to add a new trend into your makeup, like the above red lip, but it’s so easy to then make that your everyday look. Change it up and some days play up the eyes, next day bring back the lip…
Keep it interesting!

Lush Lashes and Lined Eyes

We have seen a big decline in big dramatic eye makeup, which is great for the everyday woman as it is less work = Win!

rihannaImage via pinterest 

Instead us makeup artists are focusing on lushes lashes and lining the eyes with either a touch of the sixties flick, or like in the above picture, a smoldery eye line, smudging eyeliner from inner rim to under lower lash lines and slightly on top area also for definition and shape.

Anything edgy but feminine is working right now with beauty looks.

We want to see dark liner smudges around eye lines, but perfect skin and lashes to create femininity.

Or perhaps the sixties eyeliner flick with a touch of freshness on the cheek and lip for that feminine touch and then there is the red lip with a bold, classic brow for a true Hollywood approach to beauty.

These are all ways to ‘shake’ up your look at the office by trying out new trends, playing around with focuses from eyes to lip and of course beautiful skin!

MB Pro Tip: If you think you are not ready for a bold lip, brow or the smoldering eyeliner trend, go and get yourself some highlighter!! A liquid highlighter can turn flat everyday makeup into a lighter, brighter sensation when applied on the frontal bones of the face to add light and a touch of celebrity to your look.

Now I can hear you all thinking… Who has time in the morning for all this? That’s the beauty about beauty right now; everything is designed in a multi-use way! From products to your techniques, it is all good and easy when you know how.

Here is a breakdown of how quick your office routine can be…

1. Mix in a small amount of your moisturiser/serum into your foundation for quicker, easier and streak free application – this will help last longer throughout the day also adding extra hydration – 1 min

2. Add a little concealer to under eyes (not to far out where crows feet are), and around nose and any redness – 1min

3. Apply bronzer (matte), under cheekbone for definition, lightly dust over face if needed and add small amount across eyelids as a base/contour shade – 1.5min

4. Add Mascara – 30 sec

5. Apply red lipstick with fingertip, pressing pigment into lip and for the ‘stain’ effect – 1 min.

6. Add a touch of brow pencil, to balance bold lip and to frame the face since wearing less eye makeup with this look – balance is the key to any makeup!!! 1 min

Six products in six minutes is very doable for most of us in the morning, and trust me, once you know your product well, have the right tools and practice, it’s like brushing your teeth.

Don’t forget to shake up your office look the next day by replacing the red lip with a softer black eyeliner, lining around edges of the eye and with a brush smudging the surface pigment into eye area for a smouldering look!

So ladies, give it a go – six products in six mins!
Change it up daily with intensity and get balance from eyes to the lips.

You will inspire others in the workplace and why not get noticed for looking fab, turn a few heads – first impressions always count and grooming is a great attribute to have – always dress for the job you want, not the one you have! 


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