Online Dating In The Age Of COVID-19 & Tips For Dating In Isolation

With no end in sight for the spread of the coronavirus, singles are looking for isolation-friendly ways of connecting with other singles. After all, the need for human connection has never before felt so prevalent.

All across the world, has seen an increase in usage, with the United States, Italy, China and Spain — the countries most affected by the COVID-19 crises — seeing the highest spikes. In the United States, online dating has increased a significant amount in California, New York, and Washington, the three states with the highest coronavirus cases. Coincidence? We think not!

To find out exactly how singles are approaching dating in this “new normal,” asked their members to complete a survey, with the findings showing that dating’s not dead.

The State of The Date in COVID-19:

– 82% of singles have turned to online dating during the coronavirus outbreak.

– Out of those surveyed, almost 5% of singles reported that they are going to stop dating altogether until the virus passes.

– 30% of those surveyed shared that they are just going to stick with chatting to potential partners using dating sites, such as until they can meet up in person.

– A little more than 50% of daters said they are interested in conducting online dates to get to know people they have met online.

– Almost 60% of those surveyed said they prefer online dating to finding a date in person, even before the Coronavirus panic.

“Dating, in general, can be difficult and now with the coronavirus rapidly spreading, dating has become even more of a challenge all around the world,” says Maria Sullivan, Vice President and Dating Expert of “Online dating such as text chatting and video calling is a great way for singles to have that human connection, while not increasing the risk of catching the infectious virus. Both of these means of communication will also aid in social-distancing to help lower the risk of the coronavirus spreading and hopefully lead to the end of it altogether.”

With public health officials across the globe recommending social-distancing to help slow the spread of the coronavirus, many are choosing to stay at home rather than mingle is crowded public spaces. Just because singles are now stuck at home, does not mean their dating lives have to be put on the backburner. Individuals can get online and chat with potential partners.

Date ideas for isolation:

Watch a movie: Pick a movie that you have both never seen, make some movie snacks (for yourself of course) and watch the movie together over video chat simultaneously. You can laugh together or be scared together depending on the movie. Afterward you and your date and discuss what you thought of the film.

Play a game: There are so many fun games to play over video chat that will keep you and your date entertained for hours. You can play games that allow you to get to know each other such as Two Truths and a Lie or Never Have I Ever. While on the other hand you can just play fun games that pass time like charades and 20 questions.

Make dinner together: Pick a dish that you and your date have never had before and make it together over video chat. When the meal is complete compare to see whose dish looks more delicious.

You never know, isolation could be the time you finally meet your perfect match, and just imagine how blissful that first IRL date will be.

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