Outfits To Help You Nail Winter In Style: What You’re Missing & How To Get It Right

Even though the stores are just starting to get spring deliveries and we’re preparing ourselves for the saturation of floral prints that come along with it, the weather is still a little chilly, which means our winter isn’t over and there’s still time to wear some of our favourite winter pieces. Alarna Hope, Editorial Stylist and Founder of That Effortless Bitch gives us the run down on how to nail winter style.


As a Stylist, and non-beach-goer, I love winter. The ability to layer without feeling like you’re drowning in sweat, the fabulousness of being about to cover up a little more gives us so many more styling options. I also enjoy the practicality of winter footwear that tends to come with sturdier heels – perfect for dashing out of the rain and into a sale.

Even though winter is my favourite, with out the right pieces, I can look like I feel in a pile of fabric. In winter, more than any other season, you’ll know if you’re missing essential pieces in your wardrobe and to me, those are:

Jeans That Fit Properly:

Say goodbye to saggy booty’s and hello to lifted denim pins that add a hint of blue to an otherwise black coloured season. Tailor your jeans to the right length and make sure they’re the best shape you can find. My favourite brands are Witchery, Saba and Levi’s for women’s jeans.


Woollen Anything:

Wool is a magic fabric, it keeps you warm in winter and is breathable in summer, if you feel the heat, even in winter, incorporate wool into your layering strategy – your winter and mid-season wardrobe will thank you for it.

A Great Pair Of Boots:

I wear boots all year round, I love a good ankle boot, and recently I had to toss my five-year-old leather boots that I’d worn with just about everything because they’d been to the shoe repairman a few too many times and were starting to look like hybrids. Get yourself a great pair of boots, and before purchasing, try them on with both jeans and a dress, this might mean two visits to the store, but it ensures that you’ll get home and have boots you can wear with more items.

A Mix Of Tops:

The average new client of mine does not have enough winter tops, even though Australia doesn’t get that cold, you still want an outfit under that jacket or coat if it gets a little warm inside. Make sure you’ve stocked your wardrobe with at least four longer sleeved tops to get you through the cooler months. Remember that choosing singular coloured pieces over patterned is always better as you can lift these with accessories and wear them with more things.


A Great Winter Coat:

I have a little bit of a coat addiction, I love them – but they can take up a little extra space if you live in a home that doesn’t have much storage. Choose your coats wisely and remember that you shouldn’t have coats for the sake of it, it’s easy to get too many and never wear them. They’re big ticket items and best purchased in colours you can see working with many things in your wardrobe.

An overlooked area of coats is tailoring, try to get your sleeves altered to your wrist crease and the length of the coat shortened to just above your knee if it’s a classic length, this will help you to feel tall and gorgeous when wearing flats and heels.

Lastly, when working on your winter style, using tools like Pinterest can be a great help in making mood boards that can act as your shopping guide. Pick a selection of images you like and when you shop, try to replicate the outfits with what you find in store. This way you’ll walk away with the style you want instead of an odd mix of items.

Post images via @alarnahope instagram
Feature image via pinterest

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