Overcome Failure With Psychic and Healer Bella Gill

By Bella Gill; psychic, medium and healer


Perhaps you don’t have the house, or the job you want. Perhaps you can’t shift the ten kilos you trying to lose. When you feel like a failure, how can you pick yourself up? What tips can you follow to manifest what you want most in your life?

Failure, we have all felt it before. Often, it strikes when you have compared your life to someone else’s and felt inadequate because you are not where they are. When we are living well and are focused on being in tune with ourselves, we understand that our path is unique; we know that there is more than enough success for all of us. When we judge ourselves for not having the same as those around us, we give away our power. Our sense of worth shouldn’t be based on what everyone else has or is doing; we need to start from within, to write our own story of success.

If you don’t have what you want in your life, it’s not because you’re incapable of it, it has more to do with being clear about what it is and then taking steps towards it. This may look easier for other people, but you can guarantee there are things about you and your life that those people also admire. That’s the thing, if we approach it from a place of inspiration (I can create what I want) instead of judgement (I’m a failure), it becomes a lot easier to get where you want to go.

So the first step? Stop making yourself a victim, you’re not, you have infinite power and whether it’s 10 kilos you want to lose, or a house you want to buy, there are ways for you to get there. Create a vision board or a “Success Journal”. Invite the magic of change into your life by turning your attention to all the ways that you can work towards what you want. Use visualisation, imagine yourself buying that house, or picture yourself in your dream job. Meditate and get in tune with yourself, there are always answers when we quiet our minds.


The next step is to speak about your successes as if they are already happening and bring them into the now. Often we put what we want out there somewhere, but it’s important to remember that the wheel of life can turn quickly, so the more mental energy you are giving to what you want, the less space for any negative self talk to get in your way.

Last but not least, know you CAN. If you are finding it difficult to really believe this, invest in any of the wonderful books by ” Esther and Jerry Hicks”, they offer wonderful insight into manifesting and changing belief patterns that are holding you back. 


You deserve the very best life has to offer you, I wish you well.


Happy Manifesting to you.

Blessings and love,

Bella. XO


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