Chapter Summary: Wellbeing Makeover


Chapter Summary: Wellbeing Makeover 


If your body, soul and psyche aren’t firing, there’s no LBD or hot new hairstyle that can really make life sing. This is the baseline where all fabulous starts, so we’re taking it straight to the top movers, shakers and motivators in the game. Meet Anthia Koullouros, the naturopath who will reboot your energy, show you which supplements and superfoods are really worth it, and gets a handle on the hormones that shape your body and your emotions. Fitness guru Sally Matterson sets up the workout that torches fat and sculpts you lean and mean – with less time on the gym than you’d believe. Fabulous is about nutrition, not deprivation diets, so dietitian Lyndi Polivnick bans the food myths you’ve probably always believed. Head’s up yo-yo-ers: it’s all about the anti-diet and new, no-crash detoxes that you can live on. RESCU’s holistic GP Dr Claudia Lee shows you what’s inside her on medicine cabinet, hotlists the check-ups every woman needs to know about and, because a healthy body begins with a balanced mind, human behaviour specialist Dr John Demartini cracks psychology of body success and breaks down the hang-ups that can hold us back. Feel like you’re living on autopilot? Find mindfulness with life strategist Simonne Lee.


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Each course in the RescuMe Academy will contain up to 18 video-led modules, mini worksheets, and short eBooks. The courses are affordable (priced between $199-$799 for beginner, recreational all the way to advanced, vocational level courses). Course purchase will give you lifetime access to the content, which can be accessed in full at time of purchase on any device, for on-the-go, or deep immersion self-education that fits into your life. You will be encouraged to learn at your own pace, and we’ll keep motivation at a high with bonus learning materials and incentives along the way.

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