Research reveals Aussies love a good smile

Is having a nice smile important to you? If you answered yes, you’re not alone. New research has revealed that nearly all Australians (97%) agree that a nice smile is a good accessory. But what are you doing to look after those pearly whites of yours?


The same research, commissioned by LISTERINE(r) Total Care(r) Enamel Defence, has also uncovered a ‘dental disconnect’ – with many Aussies failing to recognise the potential threat their daily diet can pose to a healthy set of teeth.

Consider the things you may eat or drink on a daily basis that could potentially harm your teeth – like adding sugar to your tea or coffee. A staggering 76% of Australian’s don’t realise that frequently sweetening their favourite hot drink could increase their risk of tooth decay.

Also watch out for acidic foods like tomatoes, which can be a source of acid erosion in teeth.

Adding to the possibility of teeth problems might be that sneaky glass of wine with dinner, as it contributes to erosion of the enamel.

Though it may be hard for us to give up that last one, Professor Laurie Walsh of The University of Queensland School of Dentistry said it is important to watch what we eat and drink when it comes to keeping our teeth healthy.

“This new market research shows that most Australians are not aware of the impact that some food and drink can have on their teeth and, therefore are not limiting how often they consume these common enamel-eroding agents,” says Professor Walsh.

“When regularly bombarded with high-acid, high-sugar foods, our teeth need all the help they can get and brushing alone isn’t enough.

“A good cavity prevention routine also includes daily flossing and use of a fluoride-containing mouthwash.”

Fluoride plays an important role in helping fight cavities by working to strengthen tooth enamel. So look out for that ingredient next time you’re standing in front of the many types of toothpaste on offer in the supermarket.

Did you know…

* 90% of us brush our teeth daily, though less than half (42%) say they go to the dentist for regular cleanings

* Over 50% drink tap water to avoid acidic drinks

* Over one-third of us use fluoride mouthwash

* Less than 10% avoid alcohol, coffee, juices and other high sugar/high acid drinks

* And only 12% say they avoid tomatoes, citrus fruits, sweets and other high sugar/high acid foods


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