Rituals For Forgiveness and Gratitude to Welcome 2020

Yasmin Boland

Astrology Expert

Starting a New Year we all have resolutions in mind that we aspire to accomplish. Rescu Horoscope Expert Yasmin Boland explains the importance of acceptance, forgiveness and gratitude to move successfully forward into 2020. Try these life changing rituals before year end or early in 2020 and watch your transformation unfold.

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Do A Forgiveness Practise

So start by thinking about what was difficult in 2019, and what you’re releasing. If someone hurt you, bless them and forgive them and release them. Write it down on a piece of paper. Write for a couple of minutes at least. Go for longer. Go into details of what happened and how it made you felt … and keep on writing until you feel like you can’t write anymore. Then, this is the crucial bit, visualise that person in your mind’s eye, send them love … and forgive them. Yes!

Accept that on some level, they were sent buy some kind of pre-arranged soul agreement to test you, so that you could become a better person, evolving ever higher towards enlightenment. And then, also crucial, burn the paper! Try to do this before January 1 if you possibly can.

Do A Gratitude Practise – What Were Your Wins?

Just after you do the forgiveness practice, do a gratitude practice. Why? Because when you forgive and release, you’re leaving a vacuum, and as you know, nature abhors a vacuum. Replace what you’re releasing with something else – and there’s nothing better to replace what you release than gratitude.

How? Simply make a list of all the things you’re grateful for from 2019 (and any other time in your life). Again, really take some time to do it. Go into it. Feel it. Smile. Count your blessings. Think about the people you love and appreciate and send them some love. Maybe even stop to send a quick message to someone who needs to hear your appreciation.

The more you put into this exercise, the better. You might even want to make her Facebook or Instagram post about it (even if you set it so that no one else but you can see it). The important thing is to see all the good things in your life. That attracts great things.

Do A Welcome Practice – What Are You Drawing In?

The last of this three-part practise is to do what I call a “welcome practice”. In other words, a list of what do you want to welcome or draw into your life in 2020… Again, the more energy you put into doing this the better.

I will be holding a free online event covering all 3 steps of what I’m recommending here in early January. You get free access when you buy my Moonology Diary 2020 from here.

Alternatively, it’s not too hard to do all this alone or with friends and family, and the results will be amazing. It’s all about how much energy you put in.

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