Self Hypnosis – What’s the Deal?

Simonne Lee

Life Strategist

Hypnosis is about entering a trance state, which really is a heightened state of focused concentration. When the mind is open to suggestion (of what you want to achieve), it allows for changes in habits and thoughts to support this. You have the ability to change patterns held in the conscious mind and make positive changes to all areas of your life.

It’s quite fascinating when you really think about. All you need to do is relax and get your mind into a focused state as the mind (the subconscious mind) listens to changes through suggestion.

When I first got into hypnosis, all I could think about was “Will I end up barking like a dog or perhaps dancing around like a chicken?” The thought of exploring self-hypothesis did entertain me, however, I soon learned that this wasn’t the case.


It’s the conscious mind that holds our belief patterns and day-to-day habits. Self-hypnosis helps you side step your conscious mind and move straight to the subconscious where we’re able to create change more easily form new habits, thoughts and most importantly feelings to match what we’re after. It is a neat little trick that seems too good to be true and can help you create great results!


So what about Self Hypnosis?

Good question I say! Self-hypnosis simply is giving yourself the tools to motivate and inspire yourself for whatever you want to do. For myself, I consider this to be such a valuable life skill especially when faced with challenges. Once you’ve got the hang of it, it’s really simple to do.


There are two ways to do this:

a) You can purchase a self-hypnosis audio and listen to it – the more you listen to it, the stronger the results.
b) You can create your own, simply by writing down positive suggestions and relaxing (I like to add calm music as it distracts my mind from wandering).

If you’re feeling adventurous, why not record yourself talking through the 7-step guide for your own Self Hypnosis below!


Here’s a 7-step guide to creating your own Self-Hypnosis:

1. Write down what you want to change and what difference that would make in your life. The trick is to write down what you want in present tense using positive words e.g. Wanting to exercise more
• I feel stronger in body
• I’m releasing stress and tension from my body
• I’m stepping into those happy endorphins
• I get a buzz after after each workout
• I have more energy
• I am motivated

2. Find a space where you can get comfortable without disruption. You can sit in a chair, couch or even your bed. If you want, choose some calm music.

3. Now we’re entering a hypnosis state. Remember all it is, is a focused state, much like meditation. So let’s use the breath as a focus.
• Take a breath in all the way down to the belly button
• Hold for 2-3 seconds and release slowly
• Doing this again, slower and more focused
• Hold your breath again
• Now imagine that you have a straw in your mouth as you exhale
• With each and every breath you exhale, imagine feeling your eyelids getting heavier and heavier
• Keep doing the breath work until your eyelids close

4. Visualise (some people get stuck on visualisation – it’s just using your imagination really) that you are at the top of a set of stairs and there are 10 steps to get to the bottom. Know that you are going to walk down these 10 steps and with each step, your body is going to relax deeper and deeper. By step 5, your body is going to feel light – almost floaty. As you keep moving down to the last step you start to be aware of how deeply relaxed you are. Notice how wonderful and relaxed it feels.

5. Every breath relaxes more and more. When you feel a deep sense of relaxation, here is where we start to internally say our positive changes and repeat as many times as you want.
• I feel stronger in body
• I’m releasing stress and tension from my body
• I’m stepping into those happy endorphins
• I get a buzz after after each workout
• I have more energy
This is where you can let your imagination go.

6. When you know it’s time to finish, imagine seeing those 10 steps before you. As you start to move up the stairs, you begin to feel your body. By step 5 you become more aware of the weight of your body and as you take the last step you are mindful of the position your body is in.

7. Taking a couple of deep breaths to reconnect with your body, wiggle your fingers and your toes. When you are ready, open your eyes and allow yourself to come back fully.

For myself, self-hypnosis is one of my strongest strategies for keeping me on track with enthusiasm and follow through. Life can be challenging enough, so why not put some energy and develop a skill that can benefit a lifetime.


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