Trial Team Puts Professionally Prescribed Skincare Treatments To The Test

Cosmeceuticals are a big trend in anti-ageing skin treatments, with doctor prescribed skin care solutions taking centre stage. With a number of skin treatment options available, we wanted to road test #1 U.S Medical Aesthetic Skincare Brand Worldwide in the world and ask a few real Australian women how their experience and results compared to what they had heard and read about.

We asked 4 RESCU readers and our Editor to road test SkinCeuticals’ different skincare protocols tailored specifically to their skin concerns. The women, aged in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s had concerns ranging from adult acne, to pigmentation to lines and wrinkles. Each trial team member was prescribed a personalised range of skincare products from Skinceuticals and asked to use these products exclusively for 6 weeks. The results and feedback are impressive as are the before and after photos.

Prior to commencing their trials with Skinceuticals products, 4/5 of our trial team members reported a very basic daily skincare regime, which they were not seeing great results with.

100% of the 5 trial team members agreed that using the full Skinceuticals protocol for their skin concern delivered amazing results.

100% of our 5 member trial team reported that they would recommend Skinceuticals products to their friends and family

… Because they work & you really notice a big improvement in the texture & appearance.” – Siobhan

100% of our 5 member trial team would purchase these products personally after the trial is complete.

“… Because of the almost immediate skin-clearing results on my skin.” Justine

100% also enjoyed the texture of the products when applied on their skin

“The textures were beautiful, particularly the moisturiser and the Resveratrol night product.” – Cassandra

And 100% noticed improvement in their skin from using Skinceuticals products

“My skin is definitely more radiant, it appears that the dark circles and forehead fine lines have reduced, and my forehead skin tone seems more even.” – Bessie

Anti-Ageing Protocol

Reviewed by Cassandra T. Interior Designer, mum, 49

This 6-step morning skincare routine and 1-step nighttime routine helps restore radiance, tone and texture to visibly ageing skin.

Before starting her trial, Cassandra said she was “feeling older than I was” She also noticed a congested texture particularly around the mouth and chin area.

“The texture of the products was beautiful making application easy and really enjoyable to use everyday. In particular the moisturiser was divine,”

“I noticed congestion around my chin and mouth area clearing within a week or two of commencing the trial.”

By the end of six weeks, Cassandra reported that her skin texture had noticeably improved.

“I had a more refined texture overall and my skin was slightly plumper.”

Cassandra’s Routine to restore radiance and treat visibly ageing skin:

Cleanser: Gentle Cleanser
Prevent: C E Ferulic
Prevent: Resveratrol BE
Correct: HA Intensifier
Correct: A.G.E Interrupter
Protect: Ultimate UV Defense SPF 30

Night Time Routine:

Cleanser: Gentle Cleanser
Correct: Retinol 0.5 three times a week.

A.G.E Interrupter is a high-concentration anti-wrinkle cream formulated to improve the visible signs of ageing caused by advanced glycation end-products (A.G.E.).

Discolouration Protocol

Reviewed by Siobhan F. 34, Marketing Executive, a new mum.

SkinCeuticals 7-step skincare morning and 2-step night routine helps manage the appearance of discolouration to achieve smoother, brighter skin with a more uniform skin tone.

After recently having a baby Siobhan started to notice changes in her skin.

“My skin was very dehydrated, dull and I also had some slight discoloration. I am also starting to notice fine lines & wrinkles, especially under my eyes and forehead”.

After using Skinceuticals, Siobhan started to see great results.

“The multi-step ritual really made me feel like I was looking after my skin and even though it was a longer regime than I am used to, it was really luxurious and special and something I looked forward to each day.

I especially loved the luxurious texture of the serums (especially the H.A Intensifier & the Resveratrol serums) and the way they immediately penetrated and absorbed into my skin. It feels like they are working instantly! “

“I would say after a few days I noticed my skin was more luminous, hydrated and more even toned.”

By the end of six weeks, Siobhan felt her skin was “clear & super radiant. I wore no makeup for the first time in a long time as my skin was so clear and youthful looking.”

And the compliments came flooding in…

“My husband said it’s the best my skin has looked for ages and that I look younger, healthy and glowing. Many friends commented how glowing, radiant and well rested I look despite having a young baby. “

Siobhan’s Routine to manage discolouration and improve skin texture and tone:

Cleaner: Gentle Cleanser
Prevent: Phloretin CF
Prevent: Resveratol BE
Correct: HA Intensifier
Correct: Advanced Pigment Corrector
Moisture: Daily Moisture
Protect: Ultimate UV Defense SPF

Night Time Routine

Cleaner: Gentle Cleanser
Correct: Retinol 0.5
Moisture: Daily Moisture

Advanced Pigment Corrector is a daily multi-action lightweight lotion that reduces the appearance of stubborn skin discolouration and improves skin tone.

*PRECAUTION: Retinol creams should not be used by pregnant women or women intending to become pregnant in the near future.

Radiance Protocol

Reviewed by Bessie B. 29, Graphic Designer

This 7-step morning routine leaves your skin looking brighter, more radiant and refreshed.

Prior to starting her trial, Bessie shared her main skin concerns:

“Dryness and occasional redness, particularly around the eyes. Also the appearance of dark lines and creases across my forehead, dark circles and puffiness under my eyes and oil build up on my chin”.

“I felt that the products from Skinceuticals delivered better results for me than previous skincare routines. It addressed more problem areas than just cleaning and moisturising the face, which is what I was used to,”

“The different textures of the products really reinforced that they all had a unique purpose.”

After six week, Bessie noticed significant improvements.

“The dark circles and fine lines on my forehead seemed fairly reduced. I also noticed the increase in evenness of my skin tone, especially on my forehead.”

Bessie’s Morning Routine to boost radiance and glow.

Cleanse: Simple cleanser
Prevent: CE Ferulic
Prevent: Resveratrol BE
Correct: Metacell Renewal B3
Moisture: Daily Moisture
Protect: Ultimate UV Defense SPF 30

Metacell Renewal B3 is comprehensive daily emulsion formulated to improve the appearance of early signs of ageing.

Acne Protocol

Reviewed by Justine L. 44, Wine Importer and mother of 2

SkinCeuticals 7-step morning routine will help improve the appearance of blemishes, minimize redness, and reduce discomfort associated with acne-prone skin.

Before commencing her trial, Justine’s skin concerns were “Ageing, pigmentation and occasional adult acne.”

After one week of using her bespoke Skinceuticals regime Justine reported the following:

“The results were immediate. My skin prior to using these products had broken out, yet within a week of using the products it has completely cleared up,”

“My skin cleared up almost immediately and remained calm for the duration of the trial. My skin appeared plump and luminous within the first two weeks, there was a definite shift in its appearance.”

After six weeks, Justine was really impressed.

“My skin looks clear and radiates. It looks really good and healthy. My skin is glowing and is plumper in appearance.”

“My beauty therapist noticed how plump my skin was looking. I also received compliments from my friends regarding my healthy-looking skin.”

Morning Routine:

Cleanse: Simple clean
Prevent: CE Ferulic
Prevent: Resveratrol BE
Correct: HA Intensifier
Correct: Blemish + AGE Defense
Moisture: Daily Moisture
Protect: Ultimate UV Defense SPF 30

Blemish + AGE Defense is an oil-free face serum that reduces the formation of adult acne, and improves visible signs of ageing.

Corrective-Nourishing Protocol

Reviewed by Bahar Etminan, 45, Editor & Founder &, Mother.

This 6-step routine will leave your skin feeling nourished, rehydrated, smooth, and radiant.

Before commencing her trial, Bahar’s main skin concerns were clearing up pigmentation around her cheeks and the overall skin hydration and nourishment of her skin during winter.

When asked what products she loved the most, a few certainly stood out.

“The HA intensifier is just a magic serum. I can see the difference in my skin’s hydration almost immediately. I also really love the CE Ferulic and Vitamin A Serum as my skin texture and overall tone improved enormously during the trial.”

Bahar was impressed with how quickly the Skinceuticals protocol produced results:

“The hydration and overall appearance of plumpness was visible within a week.”

“The products go straight into the skin and never feel greasy or leave any residue. I found that make up can be applied over the top of the skincare without any pilling.”

After six weeks, Bahar noticed her skin had “Almost no pigmentation and a totally even skintone. My skin feel more nourished, hydtrated and stronger. I also feel my skin looks firmer and definitely more hydrated”.

“I have had comments about my skin glow, even texture and youthful appearance. “

Morning Routine:

Cleanse: Simple clean
Prevent: CE Ferulic
Correct: HA Intensifier
Protect: Ultimate UV Defense SPF 30

Night Routine:

Cleanse: Simple Clean
Correct: Retinol 1.0 three times a week

Retinol 0.5 is a highly concentrated refining night cream to diminish the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, and skin discolouration.


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