Steps To Working Less But Earn More

How often have you been told, “You have to work hard to make more money”? But, what if that is a myth?

If today you were to give up the reasons for which you had to work hard, what else is possible? What are the unlimited possibilities of multiple revenue streams for you?

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Facilitator for Wealth Creators Anonymous, Deepa Ramaraj shares a few steps to create this:


What if you could receive money from multiple sources without much hardship?

If you chose to do what is fun for you, would that be work? Make a list of things that is fun for you. Now ask which one of those can get you money too! Keep adding to this list over the next few months or years.

There’s no easier way to make money than to do something that is fun for you, and that you find joy and fulfilment doing.


You may already be receiving money from multiple sources. A great tool to receiving more money is to acknowledge the places you have received money with ease in the past and in the present. Make a list, including those times you landed a job as soon as you asked for it, received a gift during a festive occasion, received an unexpected bonus, or sold something that was lying around unused.


For each item on your list of acknowledgements, mentally express gratitude to you for having had that show up in your life. Take your time to do this exercise.

Gratitude is an important tool. It could open up avenues in a whole different way!


Start to ask questions that could create more for you, such as:

What can I be or do that is fun for me? And which of these could generate money for me?

Where could I receive money from, that I had never imagined possible?

Who could pay me now?

What are the sources I have decided I cannot receive money from?

If I were truly willing to receive money from anyone and anybody, what else is possible?

What if I could receive twice my current income over the next 6 months with total ease?

Asking questions is another amazing tool! Asking questions can help you consider and determine what you truly want, in your personal and professional life, and reveal new ways to make money that you may have never thought of without asking open-ended, thought-provoking questions.


After using these tools, one of my class participants, called me two weeks after one of my money workshops and told me she had just got two paid assignments – one to write newsletters once a month and another to organise team events for a company! Both were fun, easy activities for her, allowing her to earn extra money on the side, without the stress and overwhelm that usually comes with taking on work.

What if you could make money while you sleep? Really, it is possible! Rental income is one such category. Royalty from the sale of a book you have authored, online sales from a product you may be selling. In all these examples, you do not have to toil to make money.


Let your mind run wild! And jot down the fun ideas that come up as a possible source of income. I have mentioned a few possibilities here. Choose whatever is fun for you.

Renting out day trucks, kayak boats, caravans are some possibilities. Ask, what can I rent out that is fun for me and makes me money too? A friend remodelled and rented out two spare bedrooms in her 5 bedroom house, installing direct entrances from outside to create privacy for guests. Spare space around a house could be used to rent once or twice a year – generating fun in your local neighbourhood that people look forward to, if that is fun for you!

If you enjoy organising events and also love children, ponder whether it is fun for you to organise birthday parties for children. Some like to cook a specific menu or bake only 1-2 items on some of their free days, catering to the pre-confirmed orders from a small group of people.

Some people purchase a property, renovate and later sell it when the entire project is complete, making a cool profit.

When you create from ease and when you are willing to receive ‘easy money’ instead of ‘hard-earned money’, the possibilities are endless.

What you could keep choosing what is fun and easy for you and what if it gets you money too?


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