Tips And Tricks For An Effortless Sunkissed Beauty Look

Michael Brown

Beauty Expert

With Summer officially settled in, we have already started to wear less, literally and this goes for makeup also. No one likes feeling as though they have makeup on their face, especially when it’s warm, so the search for lighter textures and warm tones starts now. Summer is a time to embrace your natural glow so any added products should focus on enhancing that. It’s time to relax everything- including your makeup routine!

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Summer can be warm; this means we are more likely to get shiny when wearing any complexion products, so it’s best to really get your prep right.



Its important that any rich and/or oil base products you are using (unless your skin is super dry) are kept for night, as they are then not being applied under foundation, which during the day, could be too much with heat.

I prefer to always water base hydrating products in summer under makeup.

This type of texture is enough to plump the surface of the skin for smoother application, but won’t disturb foundation if heat becomes a factor.

My makeup kit staple is Simple Skincare Hydrating Moisturiser – RRP $9.99


I like to use two primers. At first, it may sound excessive, but as a Celebrity Makeup Artist, it honestly gives the bet results and if you prime correctly, you don’t need as much foundation. A win on all counts!

First I use a primer that is slightly mattifying and blurring for the T-Zone only, this is the area where shine can occur and may get a little bumpy or rough in summer when it comes to the texture of the skin.

This smoothes the T-zone and will control shine through the day, but there is no need to apply to outer areas of the face (like the cheekbone) as we always want glow there.

Makeup is all about balance, you want the centre of the skin matte, and the outer giving glow, and this will create an even balance and look fresher, longer.

I love the Dermalogica Hydra-Blur Primer – RRP $70


To then counter-act the mattified centre of the skin, I love to use an illuminator, before foundation. This gives such a real skin effect to your complexion, as Foundation can be more visible without any glow underneath it.

A few little dabs of glow on the cheekbone, and anywhere else you want a touch of light. Like in between the brows, or on top of the lip line –works a treat to create a more transparent foundation effect.

M.A.C Strobe Cream has been a favourite of mine fir ages, but now they have knew undertones… ‘Goldlite’ is perfect for summer – RRP $55



Now that our skin is fresh, plump, smooth and even, as well as radiant, everything else we apply should sit so perfectly to the skin, but most importantly, looking natural.

We all have those little things about our skin we can only see that we don’t like. Is it dark circles? Redness? Spots? Pigmentation?

Well, whatever it is, they are usually in such a small area of the face, so there is no need to go all excessive and cover our entire face with makeup.

Try concealing these small areas. Only apply what is needed and half the time, once you take away the look of dark circles with a warm concealer, then perhaps a touch of coverage around our nose, we look so much brighter.

It’s worth correcting these small issues first, then seeing how we appear, before going gangbusters on a full mask look.

Because it’s summer and our skin prep was just too good, we should try and opt for a BB cream this summer.

Gives hydration, sun protection and a lightweight even glow, all the beauty you need to get through the day and then if needed, try more coverage at night.

As a nation, we really need to try lighter finishes and you’ll be surprised how your make up will last longer and stay radiant.

My go-to BB cream is from Bobbi Brown, RRP $62 – all the goodness in one little black tube!



In summer, it really is all about glowing skin, more so than big dramatic eyes for example.

Pop points include, brows, eyes, cheeks and lips – These are where we can add colour to pull focus and dress up a look if needed, maybe not all areas together, but with balance these points are the star areas of a makeup look.


If you don’t have one, please get one. That’s really all I can say!

I use bronzer as an all over face glow and mainly a contour ‘shading’ product under the cheekbone and across the mobile eyelid, plus eye socket.

It can also be used as a blush to really warm up the skin and great to tone down redness if present.

Using bronzer as a base eye shadow is a fave technique of mine in summer, it gives depth and warmth and even alone with mascara it can look great, plus a great contrast from eye colours.

Laura Mercier Radiance Bronzing Powder is my personal go-to! RRP $50


Eye Shadow Pencil

Quick and easy is everyone’s request and even as a makeup artist, I want that too!

Eye Shadow pencils are great in summer, easy to glide and instant wow to the eyes, as most are metallic, so great for the lower lash line and outer mobile lid – when smudged, they give a great-bronzed smokey eye!

When your bronzer is your base eye shadow, these pencils can be a great add on as your day progresses, to upgrade your look and I love them for the lower lash line.

You cannot beat Charlotte Tilbury for this type of product; they are so easy to use and last without smudging.

Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon Golden Quartz – RRP $37


Tinted Brow Gel

Whether you are an eye makeup girl or not, you cant go past a full brow.

As our beauty looks in summer can take a slight decline and become more beach inspired, you may not necessarily need a full blown defined brow, but adding a tint and brushing hairs upward can give great lift, adding density to the brow, making the area still a frame for the face and eyes.

When you brush/comb your eyebrow hairs to the side, you are creating a downward effect, we should always try to brush our brow hairs up and diagonally out to create lift and fullness, brow gels are perfect for this, being so quick ad easy.

The Tom Ford Fibre Brow Gel is a big go-to for me – RRP $70beauty7


We have been seeing a lot of matte lips of late and who can blame us, they look amazing – if your lips are well hydrated that is!

In winter, the matte lip is a great bold pop of colour, even when a nude tone is applied, being matte; it is a feature of the face.

In summer, on one hand the matte lip is great because they have such longevity, but, as we try and keep the centre of our faces matte to combat shine and the summer sun can have a drying effect, I love a little sheen on the lip in the warmer months, especially during the day.

Summer lips should also be quick and easy, no one going from beach to bar has time for 2-3 products to apply!

A multi-functional lip product definitely gets my vote and one that still gives great pigment.

Summer lips bought to you by Sisley Phyto-Lip Twist – RRP $55

Define lips with the pencil like edge and stain colour onto lip with fingertip for lasting pigment!


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