Summer Bodies Are Made In Winter With The Latest Technology In Non Surgical Body Sculpting.

Ever wondered what it would be like to wave a magic wand and blast fat, tighten a post baby tummy, banish cellulite or have a non surgical neck lift? We have great news.. at last science has caught up with science fiction and there are a number of safe, relatively painless and affordable non invasive solutions for all your body and face rejuvenation dreams.

We spoke to Danielle Smith, founder of Australia’s top rated sculpting clinic Elite Body Contouring, with 3 clinics now operating in Sydney, to answer 11 most important things you need to know before you book in for your body transformation treatments.

Elite Body Contouring specialise in TGA approved, clinically proven, non invasive treatments that get results. We have road tested a number of the treatments over the past year and can say without question, the technology works. The results are impressive and the future of non surgical body contouring is here.

RESCU: What are the most innovative methods for treatment of fat and problem areas?

Danielle Smith: We offer a selection of the latest, non-invasive technologies for skin tightening, fat reduction, cellulite treatment and body contouring.

The latest addition is the LIPOcel. LIPOcel uses High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) to not only permanently reduce stubborn fat but to also tighten the skin.

RESCU: How do you know which technology is right for your concern?

Danielle Smith: We offer complimentary medical grade body composition consultations before during and after all our treatments to help our clients learn which technology would be best suited to their concerns and what results can be expected. The InBody 770 Body Composition Scans also assist in keeping the clients results accurately tracked. The results are transparent and not based on guesswork.

RESCU: What is the difference between fat melting/ freezing and who would get the best results from either of these technologies?

Danielle Smith: Fat Freezing and Fat Melting use completely different technologies, one uses heat energy and the other cold energy. We find fat freezing using Cryolipolysis, generally works best on those who wish to spot reduce small, stubborn pockets of fat where as fat melting can be used on larger areas and also helps improve skin texture.

RESCU: What is the best way to lift the buttocks area?

Danielle Smith: We normally recommend a course of Radio Frequency Skin Tightening or HIFU Skin Tightening to help sculpt and tighten the buttocks, we are however limited to the lift we can achieve as we are using non-invasive devices. This area typically requires 6-8 treatments.

RESCU: How do we spot treat problem areas such as love handles, lower and upper tummy, arms, back fat?

Danielle Smith: We have two non-invasive options to permanently reduce stubborn fat deposits in these areas, LIPOcel and Cryolipolysis Fat Freezing. This treatment ususally takes 2-3 sessions only for impressive results.

RESCU: What is the best technique to tighten skin and muscle laxity?

Danielle Smith: We have two options for tightening the skin, Radio Frequency and HIFU. HIFU delivers deeper tightening for the face and neck, emitting the High Intensity Focused Ultrasound energy 4.5mm below the skin, reaching the superficial muscle layer (SMAS), which is the same layer that is tightened during a surgical face lift.

RESCU: How long does it take to see results?

Danielle Smith: Results of each treatment will vary depending on the technology used and the client. Fat freezing results take 8-12 weeks to actualise as we need to wait for the body to naturally eliminate the crystalised fat from the body. Lipocel results may show a 5-15% reduction instantly, however, similarly the treatment still needs around 12 weeks for the results to completely actualise.

RESCU: What do we need to do to help achieve best results?

Danielle Smith: This will depend on which treatment you are having. For Facial Rejuvenation treatments we recommend using a results based skin care regiment, and at Elite Body Contouring we recommend Hydropeptide Skin Care post treatment. For Body Treatments we recommend maintaining a healthy, balanced lifestyle and drinking enough water to facilitate the natural removal of fat from the body.

RESCU: What about men? What are the most popular treatments for men?

Danielle Smith: Nearly 50% of our clientele are men. The most popular treatments for men include cryolipolysis and lipocel for the love handles, stomach and chest. Our male clients also love our HIFU, jawline sculpt.

RESCU: What is the discomfort level of each procedure? Has the technology improved?

Danielle Smith: treatments are, generally speaking, alot more comfortable.The treatment that may feel the most uncomfortable initially is probably fat freezing due to the vacuum suction applicators used, however this discomfort is temporary and will subside within 5-10 minutes once the area goes numb.

RESCU: Do you have to be reasonably thin already to see best results?

Danielle Smith: Not at all however our treatments are designed for those who maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle. The only way we can determine whether a client is suitable for treatment is through a face to face consultation.

Need to know:

Treatments start at $998 for smaller areas and package deals are always on offer to new and existing clients. Plan to have a series of treatments for whatever area you are working on, and remember it is science, not magic. It is important to have a realistic expectation of what can be achieved without surgery and depending on the shape you are in.

In our experience, a balanced diet, a regular exercise regime together with the Elite Body Contouring enhancements are your best options for achieving a transformed body between now and summer.

What we loved:

The LIPOcel and HIFU treatments on our tummy and butt showed a noticeable results of both fat and skin tightening after 2 treatments over 12 weeks.

Having previously tried another fat freezing procedure that was seriously painful, the Elite Body Contouring team suggested the next gen cryolipolysis treatments for more stubborn inner and outer thigh fat pockets as well as upper tummy. This treatment had absolutely no down time, was comfortable and results were noticeable in 8 weeks. Danielle and her team are knowledgeable and trust worthy. The body scan keeps you honest and focused on your overall body health. You simply can’t get away with cheating and that’s a good thing!

Want more proof? See the most amazing videos and before and after photos here.


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