The Skincare Step That Made Me Love My Bare Face With No Makeup Again

Daniella Boutros is the darling of the baking world: Not only is she the CEO of the hugely successful Buttercreme Lane, a custom cake shop which counts P&O cruises, celebrity chefs, and international actors among its clients, she also makes regular media appearances and is the proud media ambassador for charity organisation Adopt Change, and hosts regular workshops to help people bring their own sweet creations to life.

Anyone who has worked in a kitchen will know that it’s not exactly the most skin-friendly environment. From the heat to the mess to the stress, your skin becomes more prone to buildup, blocked pores, and visible redness or breakouts. Add media personality and CEO of a growing company to your resume, and it’s clear Daniella is the perfect candidate for our Superstart for superwomen trial test.

We wanted to find out whether the Elizabeth Arden Superstart prebiotic and probiotic trio could fit into Daniella’s insane, starts-at-5am day, and give her the calm, balanced skin she craves. Read on to find out what happened…

Mornings with Daniellla

Fitness is Daniella’s first priority when the sun starts to rise; “A good start for me is jumping out of bed at 5am and meeting my girlfriend at the gym. This seems to just set me up in the right energy space to deal with the busy days I face.”

Her top three priorities are breakfast (“I’m always starving in the morning,” she shares), taking a moment for some deep breaths, and checking in with the Buttercréme Lane team to figure out what her day holds. “It’s always something exciting, whether I am bringing creations to life or heading to a TV appearances, or meeting new and interesting people.”

From Zero to Hero: Daniella’s Skincare Routine Makeup

Daniella admits she had been, “skipping looking after my skin thinking I was too time poor,” and had resorted to a quick cleanse and a little moisturiser in the morning at best.

When she began the Elizabeth Arden Superstart regime, we asked how easy it was for her to fit it into her busy schedule and she laughed, “Embarrassingly easy! I fell in love with the smell and feel at first, but I didn’t think much of it and went about my week. Then I could see my skin had actually changed. It was fresh, smooth, bright, and happy…”

Beyond the Trial

Those initial happy skin feels didn’t fade, in fact Daniella has been keeping up the routine and has made the Elizabeth Arden Superstart Probiotic Boost Skin Renewal Biocellulose Mask part of her weekend, “Now I do the mask once a week with girlfriends while we catch up for tea on Sunday, it’s our thing.”

A total convert, Daniella shared, “Now that I have experienced what good skin feels like, the difference is everything. I look better on TV and in photos, my makeup sits well, and dare I say the compliments that I look happier and younger are doing great things for the smile on my face.”

“I actually like looking at my bare face with no makeup again. I think that was a real surprise for me,” she shared continuing, “I have already recommended it to friends, because people have actually stopped and asked me what I’m doing! I share how even being as crazy busy as I am, I got amazing results with little effort on my part.”

So there you have it — three insanely busy women, three rave reviews, and not one ball dropped in the juggle that is modern life. That’s a win-win in our eyes.


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