The Block Judge Darren Palmer Shares His Inspiration Behind New Home wares Brand For Myer

What can’t interior designer and The Block’s judge Darren Palmer do? Adding to his extensive list of accomplishments, he has now created a new home wares brand Myer. The initial range features three classic Palmer themes: coastal, luxe and classic available in 130 pieces across bed, bath and living.


Darren Palmer shares the inspiration behind his new home collection through being on The Block and his work.

The pillars of my design ascetics are coastal, luxe and then we’ve got some timeless classics. So the three things they run through all of my work and so it’s really easy for me to kind of create the items that I think are appropriate to fit into everybody’s houses along those lines. But the best thing about the range is you can pull from different categories, different pillars. So the luxe works with the coastal, the coastal works with the classic and the classic obviously works with everything. So that’s the idea behind the three.”

And does he draw inspiration from The Block?

I think the best thing about The Block is that you get to see so many different people’s approach to how they create homes and that aligns with how everybody treats their own house, they don’t have one style, there’s no one aesthetic. It’s not all about it all being contemporary or Hamptons. There are all sorts of different approaches that fit different people’s way of living and you see that demonstrated in The Block. I learned that by experiencing it myself in my interior design work but also in seeing the way contestants are challenged and take a different approach. Everybody lives a different way, so its important that products like mine have the flexibility to be interpreted in different ways. So everybody can have confidence that what they’re buying is going to work and it’s all going to work well together. But they also have the ability to use it in different ways and bring different pieces together to create different styles that reflect them.”

Darren-Palmer-linenThe Darren Palmer collection ‘Tuberose’ Cotton Sateen Jacquard Queen Size Quilt Cover Set in colour in White $249.95

So does he have a favourite from the range?

No, I absolutely can’t pick just one, but I think I can narrow it down for you, the Belgium linen is exceptionally high quality. It’s certified as the best quality flax you can buy and the level of detail in terms of the double flange and stitching is exceptionally high in quality. And I’m very proud of it; I love the colour ways and how they play really nicely together.

I also really love the level of embellishment we’ve been able to achieve on all the cushioning. The fact that we’re able to do it at the price point that fits within the Myer product category in terms of both their and our clientele. To be able to do the level of detailing, everything’s got an embroidery, a stitch or an extra detail of velvet. It’s really luxurious but it’s achievable in terms of price point and I think that’s the main success we’ve had- we haven’t compromised on design or on the quality. It all looks beautiful, it all reflects my ascetic and I could not be more proud of my whole range, but they’re the two things I’m going to single out.”


The Darren Palmer ‘Nigella’ digital print 55 x 55cm cushion $79.95

My whole ethos is, I don’t want people to walk into my house and have to hover above the ground. I don’t want plastic on furniture, I don’t want to be precious, it’s not an art gallery, and it’s not a photo shoot. It’s life. So it’s important for me, in my own home but also in my work that everything is durable, everything is manufactured well, is enduring, and it’s going to last a long time. There’s nothing that’s too precious in terms of price point that you don’t let your kids near it, it’s not replaceable if it breaks, it’s really important that your family life comes first, all your guests feel comfortable, that your house lives up to the challenge and the product does that.”

We’ve seen the collection and truly, we are obsessed.

The Darren Palmer collection is now available exclusively at Myer.

Watch below exclusive interview with Darren Palmer. His book Homespace is available on Murdoch Books.

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