The Fashionable Girl’s Guide To Travelling in Style

It’s hard enough to plan what to wear a day ahead of your weekly schedule, let alone an overseas foray into unchartered destinations. What to wear, how to pack and how to adjust once you get there are all in the realms of possibility, without losing your sartorial edge.

First thing’s first; whether you’re the organised gal or you leave it to the last minute – there’s an art in packing your travel bag.

Keep your lotions away from your camcorder and save your travel insurance for the important things….

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The Jet Setter’s Guide to Packing:

– Put the largest and heaviest item at the bottom of your suitcase. Your woolly jumpers, coats and boots should act as a lining inside your case, and if you do it methodically from largest to smallest – you’re sure to know where everything lies.

– To roll or fold? Rolling your clothes takes up much less space than folding, however this will make your bag weigh more.

– Roll clothes tightly to save optimum space and avoid rolling items that will wrinkle easily. Folding clothes along the natural seams will help avoid unwanted creases.

– Pack fragile items in the centre of your case. This way, they are less likely to be broken. Don’t forget to opt for travel insurance if you’re stowing away fragile or expensive items.

– Place more formal items on top to allow them to lie flatter. A great trick is to pack any evening or nights out dresses on a hanger so you can hang it in the bathroom when you shower; the steam is a natural iron alternative.

– If you’re going with a friend, suggest one of you pack the hair dryer and the other the straightener – this will take up less room for the both of you, and ensure your beautiful blow-wave all holiday long.

– Opt for multi-tasking beauty products and mini versions of your favourite toiletries to keep the bits a pieces to a minimum.

RESCU recommends:

– Aveda’s Fill-Ables Travel Kit with travel-happy bottles to fill your fill your own customised skin-care combination.
– Bobbi Brown’s Pot Rouge is a blend-able, sheer stain blush that can be doubled up as a lip stain.
– Skin-saturating moisturiser for the plane, such as Clinique’s Moisture Surge Hydrating Cream.
– Makeup wipes will keep your cleansing habits in check whilst you’re on the go.

Tips for Carry-On:

– Choose your bag wisely – like many a celeb your carry-on bag should be light, but big enough to carry what you need (and a little chicness never go astray).

– Of course your going to need a fully charged smartphone, iPad or iPod to listen to your holiday playlists or take some time out with those podcasts you’ve been saving.

– A great book and hearty magazine will never go to waste – besides if it has a particularly difficult crossword in the back time will just while away…

– You’ll need to have enough room for your water bottle, a safe spot for your passport and wallet and the smaller makeup essentials to leave you feeling fresh once you jump off the plane.

– For the long haul – a small pillow or cushion and an eye mask are your keys items for your beauty sleep.

Arrive in Style:

Now that you know how to not shove your favourite items in unorganised heap – it’s time to arrive in style.

For your plane time, take a leaf out of the books of the most plane-savvy creatures to walk the earth – models. This long-legged species know exactly what to pack and what to wear to arrive fresh, fashionable and ready for action – no matter what the destination.

Consider comfortable jeans (boyfriend jeans accepted) or leggings (just this once!) for long-haul flights and flat sneakers, ballet flats or boots upon arrival. Pair with a relaxed tee, loose blouse or pullover.

Stick to one or two t-shirts with a great cut. By packing a blazer, you can add a little sophistication, while maintaining relaxed comfort, and a blazer is equally fit to be worn over blouses or dresses.

Don’t forget your sunnies to disguise any jetlag and a wide-brimmed hat or beanie (depending on destination) will hide any plane-hair.

While you’re there:

Silk and silk cotton fabrics are travel-friendly, and all designed to take you from day to night with layering.  Swimwear and a sarong are a safe inclusion to be sea or spa ready. Bathers can also double as a bodysuit alternative, and when correctly tied, a sarong can alternate as a dress or skirt.

If it’s a warm weekend, select a pair of stylish sandals, or comfortable flats. Warm weather normally means being out and about, so comfort is the key here; and summer holiday destinations are typically more relaxed, which means you can be too when it comes to footwear.

For the colder weather, a sturdy set of boots are essential to see you through your holiday. To save you packing space, you may opt to wear these as often as possible.

Layering thinner items of clothing is the best way to warm up without the extra weight in your bag – but there’s an art.  Body conscious knits and a killer scarf will see you through the frosty weather. Add a belt to cinch any bulky bits at the waist, or opt for a blanket-like shawl. Easily packed and easily removable if things heat up.

One staple coat will see you through all sorts of wintry weather and keep you looking polished, no matter how tired or jet-lagged you become. Don’t forget one great scarf for every outfit, and opt for items to layer as the weather changes.


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