The Real Benefits Of Hot Pilates

Turning up the heat can take your workout to a whole new level – and this is definitely the case for Pilates. Hot Pilates is a full body workout with a killer core sequence combined with HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) in a room ramped up to 34 degrees! Upstate Studios co-founder Gail Asbell shares the top benefits of hot pilates.

Increases your metabolism and helps you lose weight

The heat increases your heart rate, without even having to do anything. This turns a regular pilates class into a cardio infused workout. This is amazing for the entire cardiovascular system as it increases cardiovascular abilities, increases the amount of calories burned in and after class, and speeds up the metabolism.

It helps build focus and concentration

A hot room adds intensity. When you’re lunging and squatting with sweat dripping from your face, all you may want to do is stop, but you hone in on your will power, focus, and determination.

Hot Pilates helps build self-belief in what you are capable of achieving and creates a positive mindset that you can take out and apply in your daily life.

It helps to maintain glowing skin

When you sweat, you expel dirt and grime from your pores. And sweat also helps to keep skin moist and hydrated. This can be especially helpful in winter when we cover up and use a lot of artificial heating. This means your skin is less likely to experience breakouts or dryness and you’ll develop a natural glow only given by healthy and happy skin.

Heat is therapeutic

Heat therapy has been used for centuries. When the body is heated, more blood vessels dilate, which promotes blood flow. Increased blood flow can aid in pain relief. Toxins can be flushed out of injured areas of the body allowing for better range of movement. It’s especially beneficial for lower back pain, muscle aches and pains.

Hot Pilates warms your muscles up from the get go, it increases your flexibility and also reduces the risk of injury as the muscle is already well warmed up.

Builds core strength and reduces the risk of back pain

Pilates works the core specifically and deliberately. Especially some of the deeper core muscles that are impossible to see, but crucial to health and mobility.

A strong core also helps reduces back pain. When we have a weak core sometimes the lower back muscles can get tight. To support the spine, we need to create strong healthy muscles around it to keep it exactly where it’s meant to be. And the core is one of the most important elements of this. As are the glute muscles (which also get a killer workout in pilates). This is not just about the abdominal muscles that run along the front of the stomach area (“abs”), but the deeper more supportive muscles are also incredibly important. This is why full body movements using the core in the HIIT component of Hot Pilates and a range of different core exercises (not just crunches) is important and beneficial for spine health.

Hot Pilates incorporates HIIT Training into your schedule

Hot Pilates combines a killer core workout with HIIT and weight training. High Intensity Interval Training is when you combine high intensity cardio movements with recovery periods, alternating in small bursts of time. This keeps the heart rate up and it’s one of the best-known ways to burn a lot of calories both in class and for hours after.

Hot Pilates causes happy endorphins to rush through the body post class, causing a positive mindset that feeling good inside and out creates.


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