The Skincare Tip I learnt From Hollywood’s Top Celebrity Facialist

Bahar Etminan

Founder and Editor of

When I was about 29, a highly celebrated beauty guru gave me a solid piece of beauty advice. Based in Los Angeles, he was the facialist to some triple A grade celebrities and whilst in his 60’s he looked like a man in his late 40’s with glowing, firm, poreless skin.

His advice was simple and I follow it religiously to determine what my skin needs and it’s always the catalyst to upping the ante in my anti-ageing and glow getting regime.

And what was this advice? To check my skin, in natural light, with a magnifying mirror every six months. To look at my pore size, firmness, juiciness and overall radiance. Nothing and I mean nothing kicks you into action like the two minutes you do this bi annually.

This year, I determined that my skin needed a little retexturising, some pigmentation has crept in and despite regular visits to my skin doctor, fine lines appeared a little more frequently than I last remember.

I am really a huge fan of active skincare so it was a no brainer to dive into the space I know and trust. Vitamin A, or more specifically Retinol Ceramide Capsules from Elizabeth Arden. I had used Elizabeth Arden Ceramide capsules for years, so the Retinol Ceramide made perfect sense to me. Single dose, buffered Vitamin A delivered in the signature Elizabeth Arden Ceramide technology.

For 3 weeks, every night, I used one capsule across my entire face and another capsule for my neck and décolletage area (never and I mean never forget this area). After the first three days, I woke up to plumper looking skin. After a week, I definitely noticed my skin was softer, smoother and glowing more in general.

Three weeks in and the results were undeniable. The unevenness of my complexion was smoothed out and the pigmentation had faded noticeably. My skin was smooth and the fine lines and any dehydration obviously softened. Best of all, I experienced zero irritation or redness.

Adding the Retinol Ceramide Capsules to my routine was easy. At night I double cleansed, applied the Retinol Ceramide Capsules, applied eye cream and moisturised over the top 2-3 times a week. Some nights, my skin didn’t feel like it needed extra hydration after the Retinol Ceramide serum.

You can see in the pictures below that my skin really does look better and healthier. My mum asked me what I have been doing and if I was having microdermabrasion. I told her about the special free sample offer at Myer and David Jones.


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