The Ultimate Body Cleanse You’ll Love

Anthia Koullouros

Naturopath and Holistic Health Expert

The buzz of the summer festive season is quickly approaching and so are the social gatherings, outdoor picnics, work parties and end of year events. The summer festive season is an exciting time, when we want to look incredible and feel our best. It is also a time filled with indulgent temptations, late nights and endless drinks, which can leave us feeling heavy, flat and sluggish. Now is the time to take action to prepare your body for summer. Below are my tips to help you survive the summer festive season with great health and exuberant energy.

summercleanseImage via Ovvio Organics The 21-Day Summer Cleanse Program

Fuel Your Body With Healthy Seasonal Produce

The best way to maintain great health over the busy festive season is to eat a diet filled with seasonal produce and and nourishing wholefoods. Choose seasonal produce as it is fresher and has greater flavour and nutrition. Avoid highly processed foods such as sugar, ready-to-eat meals, and refined salt that can place stress on our digestive system and body. By eating a base of nutritious seasonal wholefoods, you will provide your body with the building blocks it requires to thrive.

Drink Mindfully And Stay Hydrated

Throughout the summer season, we have a tendency to drink greater amounts of alcohol and spend more time in the sun, which can lead to dehydration. Keep your body healthy, refreshed and hydrated by ensuring you drink enough water every day (consuming 3% of your body weight is a baseline for proper hydration). Add a pinch of natural sea-salt to your water to replace the minerals and electrolytes lost through dehydration and enhance the amount of water retained in our cells. If you don’t enjoy drinking water, try adding a slice of lemon or fruit into your glass or enjoy a cup of herbal tea.

Eat Bitter Foods

Are you feeling bloated or sluggish from one too many meals out? Support the liver and tone your digestive function by eating bitter foods. The bitter taste of herbs and foods stimulate the release of digestive juices. These secretions enhance our upper digestion, the breakdown of foods and the assimilation of nutrients.
Some of my favourite bitter foods that you can add to your meals or enjoy as is are: rocket, endive, chicory greens, lemon, parsley, coriander and radicchio.

Indulge Mindfully And Bring A Healthy Plate

The summer festive season is all about enjoying great food and drinks with loved ones. The key to staying healthy and not over indulging is to eat mindfully and be prepared. My first mindful eating tip is not to restrict yourself from anything. Enjoy and savour small bites of the indulgent foods that are on offer. By eating in moderation and mindfully you can taste all of what summer has to offer. The second tip is to get prepared and organised. If you want to eat well over this period take a delicious wholefood meal to your events, or host your own healthy dinner party. Be kind to yourself and allow yourself to enjoy this joyous time, without over doing it.

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Embrace A Seasonal Cleanse

If you want to position yourself in a place of fantastic health for summer, you can embrace a seasonal cleanse before the festivities begin. My 21-Day Summer Cleanse Program will give you the gift of eating well and living mindfully, the key to a happier life. It will also teach you the skills required to stay healthy and vibrant over the festive season and summer holidays. You will learn an impressive repertoire of simple, fresh and tasty recipes that you can cook up quickly and adopt lifestyle practices that will keep your life organized, decluttered and in check. These skills are essential for enjoying the summer holidays in a fantastic state of health.

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